ran Spartan Turkey Trot 5k in 31:27 (MV, CA; 4°C)
niece(6) & nephew2(9) both set PRs with 30:50!

Nephew2 started with my dad, and my niece started with me. I tried to keep up with her but after about half a mile she started to pull away and I was unable to keep up! About 20 meters ahead of me she kept turning around and grinning, pleased with herself and perhaps rubbing it in.

We passed my dad and nephew2 (they had started a few seconds earlier), and nephew2 caught up to me. I told him (with what little breath I had) that I could not keep up with her and that he should run and catch his sister.

They apparently alternated running fast and "taking it easy" (maybe even walking?) until the final half lap around the Mountain View High track to the finish. 30:27. They’re both determined to get sub-30 next year.

This was my first 5k race since I hurt my knee exactly a year ago, 2 days after I set a half marathon PR at the Berkeley Half (tantek.com/t4eQ1). It was also the coldest race I have ever run (39°F / 4°C), and despite wearing my @Nov_Project buff over my neck and mouth, had trouble breathing the cold air. I’m back to my race pace being breathing limited.

Despite everything, it was still my second fastest 5k race (and Turkey Trot). And perhaps best of all, zero knee problems for the entire race.

My niece and nephew2 were waiting at the finish line jumping up and down cheering me in, having finished less than 40 seconds ahead of me.

We chatted and waited for my dad, heard the race announcers say his name, city, and incredulously his age. 38:18.

This was the fifth Turkey Trot in a row that we have done as a family. fourth overall for me (skipped last year due to injury), and third in a row for my niece (who did her first two years ago in ~40min) and nephew2. Nephew1 skipped this one to instead cook some dishes for Thanksgiving. My dad has run all five years.

Pretty darn grateful we are all able to enjoy this activity across three generations.

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