a jpg. 🌅 #100DoPP d8: #iwokeuplikethis #NPSF #sunrise6k done! 39:52 in ~42F. #nofilter.

I was finally in town (and not injured!) for a @Nov_Project_SF Sunrise 6k race, and finished, hitting my sub-40-min goal by mere seconds.

This morning was yet another exercise in facing my cold weather breathing demons and stubbornly overcoming them breathing through a buff the whole time til I sprinted to the finish to get my sub-40.

a jpg.
Pretty sure I was the “slowest” with my 39:52 finish (results at https://tracking.november-project.com/events/4504); our speedy co-leader Paddy O’Leary lapped me before I’d even finished my first of three laps! He ran literally more than twice as fast as me 😂. I’m grateful to hangout with such amazing (super)humans.

However, I got the satisfaction of finishing a 6k, and seeing *that* dawn & sunrise before most of my friends were hitting their snooze buttons. #whileyouweresleeping

Next up: In nine days I will race my ninth half marathon, the Surf City Half in Huntington Beach, California for the second time, with my dad (our fourth half together).

Previous recent adventures in cold air running:
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I don’t feel like I’m getting any better at running in cold air, I am however getting better at not quitting, at running farther in cold air. #stubborn #showup #paceyourself #raceyourself #neverquit

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More photos in the NPSF album:
a jpg.

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