#NPSF PR Wednesday 37:14, ~3 min slower than last month. Colder (47F), felt harder this month despite music. Maybe three weeks of races caught up with me. Maybe 4500+ meters climbed this month. Maybe both.

Today’s PR Wednesday was not only my slowest this year, it was my slowest since March of two years ago (tantek.com/2015/084/t1).

Every segment was a struggle. I told myself to keep going, one segment at a time. On the last lap just before the Scott street climb, I heard the last part of one of Zip's bounces in my head:

Zipin: Will you ever quit?
NPSFs: No, we want some mo', we want some mo', we want some mo'.

And that powered my last hike up Scott street, to my fastest downhill segment of the day, and a more than 2x faster sprint up the steps than the earlier laps.

Just grateful to finish PR Wednesday today to close out my most strenuous month of racing ever.

Counting today, I’ve raced the past four weeks of this month:
* 11th tantek.com/2017/315/t1 Mt. Tam Trail Half Marathon
* 18th tantek.com/2017/328/t1 The North Face Endurance Challenge California Marathon Relay (2 legs)
* 23rd Mountain View Turkey Trot 5km (personal CR, post forthcoming)
* 29th @Nov_Project_SF PR Wednesday

And the first week of the month (on the 4th) I set a personal trail distance record of 15+ miles with 3100+ feet of altitude climbed while training with Lillian who did 20+ miles in prep for her 50k at #ECSCA.

All of that added up. According to my Strava I climbed over 4500 *meters* during my runs in November.

That’ll do.

Looking forward to a no-race December. We’ll see if I make it to next month’s PR Wednesday.

Previously: tantek.com/2017/298/t1/npsf-double-pr-wednesday-tied-last-month

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