a jpg. a jpg. a jpg. Finished @theSFMarathon first half in 2:33:00.

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It was a muggy and overcast morning (photo 2).

And I started at the end of the last corral for the #SFM first half marathon (photo 3), due to a series of transport mishaps! Race day bus route changes, cabs ignoring all attempts to hail (losing all sympathy for ride-hail ires).

After a longer than expected warm-up (2.4 miles!), I finally caught a bus on Market street to the Embarcadero. The last corral for the SFM First half marathon was lining up to start. Took a quick pitstop and walked to the back of the corral.

Got a good start and set a decent pace up to Aquatic Park and around to the Marina. I walked a bit every couple of miles. Ignoring my pace, I ran with my breath.

After running by the bridge (under the roadway), down Lincoln to Seacliff, the race directed us on to 26th avenue into the park. Everything felt familiar from my practice run last Sunday, but a bit faster, despite the humidity.

This new course (without the bridge) felt harder (more vertical climb I’m pretty sure).

I didn’t see a single November Project person in the course or race. In fact I didn’t see anyone I knew at all. Quite a contrast from last year’s full marathon.

I finished, just grateful to do so, feeling strong, without injury. That’s 13 half marathons. After walk-jogging home, I stretched, cleaned up, and met November Project friends for brunch in Potrero flats, where they had cheered and handed out water at mile 23 of the full marathon.

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