#MozFest: Decentralized Web Standards: From ActivityPub to Webmention

When: Where: MozFest Host: Tantek Çelik

Come discuss the alternative web protocols and standards that can enable the decentralized future we want to see.

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Pages and specifications in order summarized, roughly alphabetical:

In addition we showed how most specifications also link to their test suite which is a god place to get started for implementing and looking up implementation reports for what others have already built.

Questions and Answers

A few of the Q&A off the top of my head.

Q: How do build a decentralized version of Google Reader?
A: Check out the emerging Microsub specification and implementations — several user-friendly clients and as of today there are now two working server implementations with more being built.
Q: How does someone easily get started with these technologies, like for WordPress?
A: For WordPress you can install IndieWeb plugins to get federation support.
A: For folks that just want to a service that supports their personal domain, check out Micro.blog which has excellent support for posting notes, photos etc.

(If you remember any more of the Q&A, please contact me (or drop in the indieweb chat, see below) so I can add it to the above).

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