Tantek in his running outfit in front of the SF Biofreeze San Francisco marathon backdropFinished @theSFMarathon second half in 2:30:33. Faster than last year’s first half (https://tantek.com/t4vg1), slower than when I ran it four years ago (https://tantek.com/t4cQ3).

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Clear skies. Easy warm-up run/walk to the start. Waited in line for portapotties when there were plenty of them without lines by the corrals. Barely made it into my corral (B) as they were starting. Had a good first mile and then lost momentum compared to my practice run on the same route two weeks ago.

Pushed on through the park, first with a 5/1 minute run/walk, then a 4/1 on the uphill to the Haight and the aid station at Masonic run by @Nov_Project_SF! Topped off my water bottle and headed out. Downhill on Haight, Buchanan, and Guerrero. It was nice not getting diverted from the main route.

As I turned the corner onto 16th, I stepped aside to tighten my shoelaces. Running up 16th the sun had started beating down, the heat became draining. I kept having decent bursts of energy, followed by feeling tired. I had been fueling with Clif bloks so that wasn’t it.

The Dogpatch was a hot struggle, until we turned the corner to run near the water, and welcomed the faintest of breezes. Finally picked up speed in mile 13, and sprinted the last 100 yards to outkick the racers slowing down in front of me.

15th half marathon done.

Congratulations to San Francisco Marathon finishers of all distances!

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