Palmtree with a cityscape behind it barely backlit in orange which turns into a deep blue higher up into the sky, sprinklers clearly visible watering the grass in the park.10 minutes before the previous photo. Again a palmtree with a cityscape behind it backlit by the orange glow of dawn, sprinklers on the lawns just behind the tree, in Alta Plaza Park.Cityscape with a slight orange glow behind the buildings, transitioning to darkness above the buildings🌴🌆 Wednesday was my sixth #NPversary. It was a #PRWednesday, like 2013, though in Alta Plaza Park instead of Alamo Square.

1. After the workout, where the sky turned a deep blue (that soon faded to a clear light blue) before the sun rose.
2. ~10 min before, more of an orange sky
3. ~10 min before that, an orange horizon pushing back the black of night

Finishing this year felt different than last. I am again just over 2 weeks to my first ultra race (#TNFECS #ECSCA 50k). Though this year, I feel more acceptance of where I am, and where I could be with more hard work.

With perspective I can see now that my journey in #NPSF has taken me through facing and overcoming several different fears. Running is as much mental as it is physical. Still feeling the benefits and gains in both, from (even semi) consistently showing up.

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