An array of running gear laid out for The North Face half marathon trail race.⛰🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️ One more thing. #TBT #ECSCA #Sunday #halfmarathon

“Nach dem Spiel ist vor dem Spiel”

Or my last #Saturday night:

After the race is before the race. #AfterTheRaceIsBeforeTheRace

Last year I was not ready for this. I had signed up for both the #TNFECS 50k and half marathon, quite optimistically, to “run” the latter with my dad.

I barely felt I trained enough to complete the 50k. When the races were canceled, I have to admit I felt relief from the fear & anxiety of having committed to more than I could reasonably do.

Since running last years 50k solo a week after the canceled race, I started to entertain the idea of running further.

Watching and listening to friends who had run ultramarathons, especially 50 miles or more, I saw a consistent pattern of back to back long runs, up to ~30 miles one day, and ~10-15 the next. I realized #running both @TheNorthFaceECS #EnduranceChallenge 50k & half marathon back to back would be exactly that, training for running even further.

So this year I trained harder, fell more, and got up more. I trained in worse conditions, in the dark, in the wet, and sometimes in the heat. I started to add “easy” day 2 runs on tired legs after my long runs and increase day 2 distance slowly. I got stronger. I recovered faster.

Two weeks (actually 13 days) before ECSCA I finished 22 miles (~5k’) of trails, then 7.5 miles (~2k’) the next day and felt fine.

Sunday before the ECSCA I ran 8 easy miles with running partner Michele. I didn’t run the rest of the week. Hiked with @Nov_Project_SF on Friday to hills but that was it.

With my 50k done (https://tantek.com/t53e1) I laid out my running kit for the next day. I was feeling good so I told my dad I felt great. I was getting excited about running the half with him the next day.

I set my alarms (grateful for a much later 8am start to the Sunday half), and put a pillow under my feet in bed to keep my legs slightly elevated while I slept.

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