Tennessee Valley trail, large pool on the trail in the lower half reflecting the fence on the left, hills in the distance, bushes on the right, and clear blue sky above.Hundreds of birds perched on a single wire among several wires overhead with a blue sky above them and clouds on the horizon.The sun rising over a hill just to the south of Tennessee Valley beach, sunbeams illuminating the surf, with most of the beach on the shadow of the hill.Whitecaps and crashing waves under a blue sky at Tennessee Valley beach.Red rocky outcroppings rising out of the ocean and sand at Tennessee Valley beachBlue sky above, hills in the distance, bushes and brush at the edge of a green meadow with a few picnic tables off to the left, and trees off to the right at Haypress campground.🌄🏃🏻‍♂️ 3 months from today (2020-03-14) I am #running the #MUC50, my first 50 mile #trailrun, the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted. Today I returned to #SFRC, first time since back-to-back #ECSCA races a month ago. Ran to the #beach (3,4,5) & back, with a little detour to Haypress camp(6), with pal @VivekGowri and it felt great.

Beautiful weather, birds flocked overhead and gathered all on one wire among several(2), and the ground was squishy from the recent rains, leaving a few reflective pools on the #trails (1). Today felt good & necessary for many reasons, physical, mental, emotional. Grateful for running with friends and the ideal running conditions.

With today’s long-ish #run, I’m starting to focus on my #50miletraining for the Marin Ultra Challenge (http://insidetrail.com/calendar/marin-ultra-challenge/). Well outside my comfort zone, after I finished a 50k + half marathon (~46 miles in 2 days) without injury, and only sore feet to show for it, I feel 50 miles is within reach with dedicated training. The biggest challenge will be finishing it in under 14 hours.

#Runner friends, this is your heads-up. Starting at about mile 30, I’m allowed pacers for the MUC 50. If you’d like to help me finish 50 miles by running with me for the last 20 miles please let me know. It’ll likely be a slow 20 miles, and some of it in the dark with headlamps. Think of it as an early evening fast-hike, with an opportunity to catch-up and talk about all the things you do when pushing your limits.

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* 50k: https://tantek.com/2019/323/t1/did-ecsca-50k-ultramarathon
* 13.1: https://tantek.com/2019/326/t1/we-did-ecsca-halfmarathon

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