Freshly baked blueberry pie with latticed dough on top, its pie tin sitting atop a metal tray on the lower shelf of an oven.Blueberry pie ingredients, assembled on an off-white tile countertop.Blueberries and pie ingredients mixed in a metal bowl, pie crust lining a pie dish, atop an off-white tile countertop.Blueberry pie made, with a latticework top, atop an off-white tile countertop.Blueberry pie with the edge of its pi tin showing in the lower right, atop a white table, black serving utensil in the top right.Bakers and friends standing around a table of pies, taking photographs.🔵🥧 Baked a #blueberry #pie last Sunday, my third pie, blind to an unexpected change coming just minutes after I put the pie in the oven.

After we wrapped up IndieWebCamp SF, I went home, collected the ingredients from my cupboard, realized I was missing a couple, and picked them up from my local grocery store. Ingredients assembled(2), pie dish lined and #blueberries mixed(3), it didn’t take long to make(4), and place in the oven to bake(1).

Thanks to a ride from a friend, the pie made it to the party intact(5), taking its place among others, surrounded by bakers, friends, and baker friends (6 📷 Andrew Garcia).

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