Rainbow in partly cloudy sky looking down Lyon street with houses on both sides.Looking down at a mottled white mosaic entryway with a brass sun-with-a-face seemingly sipping a cup of coffee, brass segment sunbeams radiating outward.Cream colored heart on a lightly foamed latte in a glass mason jar sitting atop a woodgrain table.The sun peaking through between trees, lighting up glistening leaves and grass in Buena Vista Park.🌈 Yesterday’s rainbow. If you only look ahead, you’ll never see the #rainbow behind you.

Ran outside in the rain #yesterday morning, to meet a friend for #coffee (2). I was the only one wearing bright clothes among a sea of dark hues. The barista made a lovely #heart on my almond #latte in the mason jar I brought(3), I complimented and thanked her.

#Running home the rain dropped to a drizzle, and the sky lightened. Running uphill I saw the sun start poking through the clouds. Turned around and saw the rainbow(1). Kept running up and into Buena Vista Park, everything freshly drenched sparkling from the sunlight between the trees(4).

#run #runner #optoutside #fromWhereIRun #NeverStopExploring #InstaRunner #2019_356 #20191222 #latergram #noFilter

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