Berlin Victory Column under a partyly cloudy sky, sitting atop its base, with trees in the background on both sides.IndieWebCamp Berlin2 day 1 participants at Mozilla Berlin.IndieWebCamp Berlin2 day 2 participants at Mozilla Berlin.Teresa speaking at the podium at IndieWebCamp at Mozilla Berlin with a display behind her showing a slide titled Toward a More Civil Social Web.Tantek, Rose, David, and Yulia sitting around a table at Mozilla Berlin with laptops and IndieWebCamp supplies, planning the weekend.1 month ago today: Victory Column en route to @IndieWebCamp #Berlin.
Our second #IndieWebCamp @MozillaBerlin this year, we had amazing participants(2,3), hosted an @OptOutSocial hackathon, and a keynote by founder Teresa(4 📷 @cheukting_ho)!

About a dozen sessions with notes and some with session videos linked from the schedule: https://indieweb.org/2019/Berlin2/Schedule

Last but not least, great working with co-organizers Yulia (@ioctaptceb), @RosemaryOrchard, and @DShanske to put it all together and discuss community at the Organizers meetup the day before the camp(5).

Previously: https://tantek.com/2019/327/t1/amazing-start-indiewebcamp-berlin

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