Blue grey sky, mostly cloudy, sunrise lighting barely peaking through some of the clouds, just above the cityscape in the background, a single palm tree in the foreground at Alta Plaza park.Inside the yoga room at Baptiste Yoga San Francisco, light coming in from the one window, lighting up a single yoga mat, blocks, towels, and water bottle.Made it on time to #NPSF yesterday(1), first time in weeks (months?). And to yoga this morning, or so I thought, actually 30 min early(2).

I knew the past 3 months would be intense, my time was blocked out for work(+travel+organizing+speaking) & ultra training (https://tantek.com/t53e1), and nothing else. Tiring time zone changes and long trail runs meant choosing sleep, missing some NPSF workouts, or being late. IndieWebCamp SF 12/7-8 was my last commitment of 3 months, and I barely had the energy for it after actively observing the TC39 standards meetings that week before. I had no reserve for setbacks (like my water heater breaking the night before I hosted Thanksgiving for family). Such packed time & focus seemingly invited an unexpected & intense arc of joy, a story for another time.

Still making sense of that night after IndieWebCamp SF, despite managing to bake my first blueberry pie (https://tantek.com/t5451). Recovery since has been hard, both from being drained, and from needing to reflect on what I could have done better, to be sustainably better, instead of a crash & burn of sorts. A better friend, healer, and lover, in that order.

For now I’m rebuilding, and small temporal victories are one sign of progress.

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