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GitHub project “bridgy”

Bridgy source should rename blacklist and similar offensive terms

on (ttk.me b/54V1) using BBEdit

Bridgy had a file called domain_blacklist.txt which was renamed to domain_blocklist.txt in a recent commit. This issue is for searching / tracking any other similar terms as identified by Microsoft in Chrome Issue 981129.

While we don’t have access to Microsoft’s PoliCheck tool mentioned therein, we can at least use the results they came up with in their searches of Chrome source as a first level approximation of terms to search for. E.g.:

Other terms may require manual inspection for context to evalute whether they are offensive or not. E.g.:

Feel free to note other text profanity, geopolitical, or diversity issues in comments on this issue as discovered by PoliCheck analysis or other tools. (Please refrain from general offensive brainstorming though, instead, link to existing work and lists by others. Thanks.)