Pre-dawn nearly clear dark blue sky above a few small clouds and an orange glowing horizon backlighting a circle of benches seen from a side view at Alta Plaza Park, the foreground lawn nearly completely unlitBlue to royal blue clear sky above two palm trees at the top of the stairs at Alta Plaza Park with a few clouds in the distance just above the orange to yellow glowing horizon backlighting San Francisco buildings, paths and lawns in the park barely distinghuishable.Three wide but thin wipsy cotton candy colored clouds streaking left to right across the dawn sky with a gradient from medium blue to light blue, yellow, an orange, above the tops of San Francisco buildings in the distance, a partially lit bench on a path and backlit palmtree in front.🌆🌴 Another beautiful morning @Nov_Project_SF. Watching the sky brighten and rotate colors is always inspiring, especially when #running & breaking a sweat. So many good #dawn views in #AltaPlazaPark, still finding new ones(1), though the two palmtrees near the top of the main steps(2) are still a fave. Novel cotton candy clouds(3) are a good reminder that every moment is unique, worth appreciating. There is no loop.

Despite sleep interruptions, I felt a profound sense of open hearted optimism as I arrived at #AltaPlaza park (even a few minutes late). Warm feelings are still surfacing time to time, despite a diminishing sense of attachment to origins. Over the past month I chose to neither fight nor let go, rather to sit, accept, appreciate, and at times embrace them, even knowing or at least expecting that may prolong or delay healing.

Today I learned the opposite may be true, as the feelings have evolved into a more general sensation rather than directed to or from a particular source, and this morning they were particularly pronounced. Some subsequent motivations have remained, like striving to show up as an even better version of myself. Not for (or no longer for) anyone in particular, rather for everyone and no one, as its own self-reinforcing outcome.

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