Marincello trail heading uphill with green grasses on either side, trees on the outside edges, blue sky in the distanceTrail through a sunlit eucalyptus forestTrees on either side of a single-track SCA trail with the Golden Gate Bridge towers emerging from the Marin Headlands in the distance, blue sky with a couple of bands of clouds.The sun shining brightly above San Francisco, reflecting off the bay, the Marin Headlands in the foreground, Golden Gate bridge towers emerging from them on the right.Blue skies above light gray clouds over the Pacific Ocean, tiny Rodeo beach and lagoon in the middle, Marin Headlands and hills in the foregroundRodeo Beach with the water glistening from the sun, a single fisherman backlit, a few surfers in the ocean.Blue ocean pouring through a small opening among rocky outrcoppings into a secluded cove that opens up into a beach far below, seemingly inaccessible.Rodeo beach viewed from above, up on Hill 88.Tennessee Valley among Marin hills, Pacific Ocean visible between them.#SFRC yesterday, 12 miles and ~2500' climbed. Beautiful day, started in Tennessee Valley Parking lot, just after 08:00. Marincello trail was lined with fresh green grasses(1) from recent rains. Alta trail’s forest pretty as ever(2). Noticed a spot on SCA trail where trees on either side framed the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance(3), before running to SCA look out point for a view of San Francisco, and the sun lighting up the bay(4).

At the peak of Slacker trail, I could just make out Rodeo lagoon, and Rodeo beach(5). Running down to the beach, the sun glistened off the water, backlighting a fisherman and a few surfers(6). On the Coastal trail climb, a seemingly unreachable cove, secluded yet visible from above, with an inviting beach(7). Hiking up to Hill 88, looked back down at Rodeo Beach(8). Returning on Old Springs trail, caught a view of Tenneessee Valley down to the beach(9).

Finished the SFRC loop of the week and joined friends at Good Earth for a sandwich.

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