Tantek Çelik and Bryan Ting standing on top of Cardiac Hill, behind them a bright blue sky, layers of hazy clouds stretching across down to the horizon, the western edge of San Francisco, sunlit sea entry to the Golden Gate expanding to a deep blue Pacific Ocean, bush and tree lined hills towards the West, golden grassy hills behind them to the East, light green grasses and gravel at their feet, their shadows stretching diagonally toward the bottom right.Sunbeams emanating from just out of view of the top of the photo over a nearly clear blue sky with distant hazy clouds on the horizon above Stinson Beach at high tide, wet reflective sand glistening, while waves crash nearby, a small hill in the distance on the left.Bryan and Tantek smiling with their faces lit up by the sun, Stinson Beach behind them with a wet sandy shore, waves breaking in the distance, and hills & mountains in the far distance on the horizon.Mostly cloud sky with numerous different cloud formations at nearly all altitudes above the Pacific Ocean, some clouds casting shadows on the water, and in the foreground busy grassy hills with a few trees off to the side, in the far distance Sutro tower is barely visible on the western part of San Francisco under the clouds.Top of Cardiac Hill with a telephone pole on the left among amber grass and a few scattered trees in the distance, under a mostly cloudy overcast sky, with rain clouds hanging over the ocean, dropping some of their water.Bright sun shining at the top, with a few sunbeams across a blue sky with scattered clouds, over a distant cloudy horizon, and beautiful green hills in front, a backlit bird with its wings spread flying from left to right.Sunday 1 year ago: 15km (https://tantek.com/t4yV2), #Sunday yesterday: 16mi & 4500' the day after 12mi & 2400' (https://tantek.com/t54Z2). @BryanTing and I hiked/ran a double Dipsea, starting at Old Mill Park in Mill Valley up the legendary #DipseaSteps, onto the #Dipsea #trail through Muir Woods (with a brief detour to Deer Park Fire Road) up to Cardiac Hill(1), down to Stinson Beach(2, and 3 📷 #selfie by Bryan).

We took a quick break to eat at the Parkside Snack Bar, and then started our hike/run back. At one of the viewing spots just before Cardiac the clouds were looking particularly beautifully chaotic(4). Returning to Cardiac Hill, the sky was fully overcast, and rain clouds were visible over the ocean, some already dumping onto the water(5).

By the time we had climbed down and back out of Muir Woods and up to Panoramic Highway, the sky had cleared for us again, the sun warming us and lighting our way(6). We descended back down into Mill Valley, ran down the Dipsea steps to Old Mill Park, and finished where we started. 16 miles, not bad for a day two run.

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