Sun setting just over a bank of clouds on the Pacific Ocean and Rodeo Lagoon in the foreground, hills on both sides, a couple of backlit signs on the road to right.Clear blue sky above distant San Francisco hills, part of the city skyline and Golden Gate bridge visible behind the Marin Headlands, the Golden Gate itself opening to the sea, nearby hills and Rodeo Beach below.Blue sky above a distant San Francisco skyline from the Bay Bridge to the Presidio and Golde Gate Bridge, with Sausalito, the Marin Headlands, and the 101 Freeway below.Clear blue sky of the tops of San Francisco city skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge behind Marin Headlands, wild grassy meadow in the foreground.Sausalito VORTAC tower backlit by the setting sun on a grassy field.🌅⛰ 9 miles of #MUC50 course practice, 12.5 total, 2900' climbed. Saw badass ultra runner @HeatherRoseSF at the Rodeo Beach start and proceeded to set a PR up to Hill 88 by several minutes, even with stops to photograph Rodeo Beach and the Golden Gate(2). Ran down Wolf Ridge, down Miwok, then up Coastal where I ran into pal Rebecca, before #running to SCA for a view of downtown SF(3).

Climbed up Alta to the top of Marincello to complete my 9 miles of course practice (41 to go 😂) then #ran up Miwok to VORTAC hill for another distant view of SF behind the Headlands(4), and the VORTAC itself, backlit by the sun(5). Ran down Miwok all the way to Rodeo Valley where I caught the setting sun shimmering on Rodeo Lagoon(1), just before it slid behind an ocean fogbank, disappearing by the time I finished where I started.

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