March of 2020 month calendar built from LEGO bricks, on an off-white background.🗓 Home and realizing it’s March 4th before reflecting and looking forward.

February was focused. Tore down a wall and opened holes to the sky for the next phase of a #transformation. Healed with patience, eventually reached out with peace. Ramped up ultra training. One trip, for IndieWebCamp Austin, where I barely did enough running.

Ended February with a practice trail marathon https://tantek.com/t55N4 to cap the month with more miles and elevation than any other. Started March with my last long run and now tapering for the race.

Restarted yoga and Sutra philosphy classes, worthy challenges in the midst of self-disruption.

This month: More shedding. Taxes. Completing an annual revolution. RealID, though no flights planned. My first 50 miler, on the 14th. Finding it difficult to make plans beyond that.

Previously: https://tantek.com/2020/032/t1/reflecting-anticipating

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