Yesterday I ran the Spartan Turkey Trot #5k #race in 41:42 @SpartanTurkey5k. First #turkeyTrot in a while that I ran/jogged/walked. #turkeyTrot2022

Arrived early like last year for a warm-up. Alternated run/walk sessions for ~10min then jogged back to the track start area. Got my bib, pinned it on, used the bathroom, and kept warming up with back/forth strides next to the track. Saw niece & nephew2 start in wave 1, kept warming up. Decided to start with my dad in wave 3.

Had to use the bathroom one more time, and by the time I got out, wave 3 was already off. Got stuck waiting in wave 4 (walkers & strollers). Made my way to the start then ran without pacing myself to catch my dad. Found him and decided that I’d rather stay with him and keep him company. Ran/jogged/walked the rest of the race, eventually returning to the high school track. We ran the back straight through the finish arch.

See also: https://www.spartanturkeytrot.com/

* https://tantek.com/2021/329/t1/spartan-turkey-trot

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