Three ways we openly document the governance of W3C:

#w3cAB: As part of driving openness in the #W3C Advisory Board (AB) and W3C in general, when I joined the AB in 2013, I created a stub AB wiki page, and worked with the rest of the AB to expand it over time, to the present where it has quick navigation to both our tools and projects¹.

#w3cBoD: Shortly after the W3C Board of Directors (BoD) was elected last year, I similarly created a Board wiki page, with quick navigation to meetings, minutes, and other publicly available Board resources².

#w3cAC: Prior AB member Art Barstow created an AdvisoryCommittee (AC) wiki page in 2012. I expanded it in the past year with sections on Email Lists and Meetings to help make it easier (more discoverable) for AC representatives to participate & contribute to the governance of W3C³.

These are all good steps, but not complete by any measure. Collectively we can do better.

Openness must go beyond finding & reading such resources.

As these are all on the W3C’s public wiki, which any W3C member (or invited expert) may edit, my hope is that anyone involved with W3C may help update such pages, and further improve them. Encouraging this kind of direct participation in how an organization is run goes hand-in-hand with openness & transparency.

¹ https://www.w3.org/wiki/AB
² https://www.w3.org/wiki/Board
³ https://www.w3.org/wiki/AdvisoryCommittee

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