s/agenda bashing/agenda gardening/g

Replace all uses of “agenda bashing” with “agenda gardening”, e.g. in group meetings.

Language matters, metaphors affect framing and reinforce values. Replacing violent metaphors with caring or at least non-violent expressions can help create a more constructive context.

Recommended this particular replacement yesterday during day 2 of our #W3C Advisory Board (@ab@w3c.social¹ @w3cab) meeting, after the #W3CAC meeting earlier this week.

It’s a small change, yet maybe it will inspire others.

Previously: https://tantek.com/2018/365/t3/december-too-busy-post-days

¹ Since the #W3CTAG (@tag@w3c.social @w3ctag) has an account on w3c.social, I figured the #W3CAB should too. Freshly created this week.

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