The #IndieWeb is for everyone, everyone who wants to be part of the world-wide-web of interconnected people. The social internet of people, a network of networks of people, connected peer-to-peer in human-scale groups, communities of locality and affinity.

These peer-to-peer links should not require corporate platforms or other organizational intermediaries, nor should they require depending on developer intermediaries, nor server administrator intermediaries.

This is the "indie" in IndieWeb, independence from intermediaries, not independence from people. Because the "web" in IndieWeb, is yes the Web of the World Wide Web, and it is also the Web of people.

The "indie" in IndieWeb is also the independent agency to opt-into human-scale groups, opt-into peer-to-peer connections, opt-into communities, opt-into publics. As the POSSE page says: “Figure out how you want to fit into the network”.

The "web" in IndieWeb is also an open acknowledgment and acceptance that regardless of what groups, connections, communities, and publics you opt-into, that they are all interconnected in a larger web, that even without connecting, you can accept and respect from a distance.

The IndieWeb is for everyone, everyone who wants independence from organizations, independence of agency to associate, and who embraces the web of humans that want to interconnect, to communicate, to value and respect each other, whether one degree apart or thirty.¹

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¹ https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2008/aug/03/internet.email

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