For the #IndieWeb ideals of independence from intermediaries, not requiring corporate platforms or other organizational intermediaries¹, the best systems we have still depend on organizations. However they are all swappable, at will, by the individual:

1. domain names, depend on registrars, which you can switch
2. web hosts, depend on hosting providers, which you can switch
3. internet access, depends on internet service providers, which you can switch
4. web browsing, depends on browsers, which you can switch
5. personal devices, that have choice of web browser and internet access, which you can switch, upgrade, and use multiples of simultaneously

When you can migrate from one provider to another, one device to another, without disruption, without breaking your people-to-people connections, the providers and devices serve you, instead of gatekeeping you.

This freedom to swap, freedom to choose, depends on practical #interoperability across multiple implementations, multiple services. Open standards are the means to encouraging, testing, and verifying this user-feature interoperability across implementations and services.

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¹ https://tantek.com/2024/026/t3/indieweb-for-everyone-internet-of-people

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