Did 2x800, stadium stairs, 800, 400, & stadium stairs lap. First time more than half an #npsf #trackattack workout.

Today's full workout was:
* 2x800, stadium stairs, 2x800, stadium stairs, 2x800

Look at these fierce starters: http://instagram.com/p/n8NpZlg9QJ/
a photo.

Missy captured the path we took:
a photo.

Thanks to running buddies Natalie, Missy, Lindsay, and Tammy for being just that much faster that I kept pushing harder to stay in their pack. And Natalie in particular for pushing us all to do that last stadium stairs lap.

Four weeks ago I first ran a few #trackattack sprints.
Six weeks before that I started showing up.

Going to keep incrementally pushing and one day I will do a whole #trackattack workout.

* tantek.com/2014/105/t2/kept-up-warmup-laps-ran-trackattack-levelingup
* tantek.com/2014/064/t2/yesterday-npsf-track-kezar-trackattack

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