IndieWebCamp 2014 — Thoughts Before The Gathering

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IndieWebCamp 2014 is upon us. Gatherings of creators are under way in Berlin, New York, and Portland - the first time we've held our annual IndieWebCamp across three simultaneous locations. Here are some thoughts I had before we started today in New York City.

There have been so many IndieWeb developments & advancements in the past few months it's been hard to keep track! Here are a few:

In addition, I've had so many indieweb related topics come up personally that I haven't had time to blog about them all. Here are a few:

I did manage to at least finish that "how to do an IndieWeb Introductions" write-up and used it this morning at IndieWebCamp 2014 in New York City! From what I can tell, the Portland folks have used it as well. Hopefully this will help make it easier for others to start and run future IndieWebCamps in more cities.