#trackattack is back!
did a 400 warmup 800 800 800 800 4x200, abs
workout: warmup 800 1600 800 1600 4x200, abs

Reopening of Kezar Stadium has definitely brought a bigger crowd. We had 29 people today.

Though I need to build back up to doing the full track workout, I did have a couple of minor personal achievements this morning.

During part of the second 1600, when I was starting my 800, I managed to draft Jeff drafting Andy Cochrane for 200m (half a lap). Though Andy is still in recovery mode he's still ridiculously fast from my perspective. Being able to "keep up" with Andy, even for just a half a lap, even when he was "taking it easy", and in the middle of a 1600, felt like doing the impossible, and emboldened me to push harder on average in my other runs, including...

On the second 200 I made sure to take-off exactly when Kate said go. As I exited the turn onto the back straight, I started kicking farther back & up, and managed to pass & finish that 200 ahead of a couple of people who are usually much faster than me. I could barely breathe afterwards.

Also my 1 year trackiversary was 2015-063 (20 days ago) tantek.com/2014/064/t2/yesterday-npsf-track-kezar-trackattack

Hard to believe I've been running track workouts (on & off, mostly on) for over a year.

* 2015-069 did Trackish Tuesday 2x600 4x400 2x300 4x200
* tantek.com/2015/062/t1/ran-trackish-tuesday-before-dawn-sunrise
* tantek.com/2015/055/t6/morning-legs-tired-did-deck-instead
* tantek.com/2015/048/t1/excellent-trackish-tuesday
* 2015-034 did Trackish Tuesday warmup of 2x600, 600, 2x200
* 2015-027 did Trackish Tuesday 5x600 3x300
* 2014-350 did Trackish Tuesday 6x600
* 2014-315 post-Berkeley Half recovery fast walk/jog at Tempo Tuesday
* 2014-294 did Tempo Tuesday ~16km 94:30 (10 mi at < 9:30min/mile)
* 2014-287 did Tempo Tuesday ~7km
* 2014-273 did Tempo Tuesday ~15.2km
* 2014-266 did Track Tuesday workout all but one 1600
* tantek.com/2014/245/t1/just-short-today-trackattack-workout

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