#NPSF PR Wednesday 31:56 (0:57 faster than June) after an #earlygang halfish-PR-routine. Ran w/o music.

Managed ~6 hours of sleep (8 the night before) which was fine except I kept waking up early (2am, 3:30am). Made it to the @Nov_Project_SF early workout bounce. Still had to run to a pit-stop mid-first-lap like two months ago. But finished two laps, 30 burpees, and two more stair reps for a 30ish minutes workout on the coldest morning this month so far. In-betweeners abs workout, then downed a clif blok.

Solid start to the normal PR Wednesday, and a solid sub-32min finish. 3rd fastest PR Wednesday this year (behind May's PR double: 31:35 & 31:45), 5th overall. My first PR Wednesday running without earphones/music to see how well I could self-motivate instead. Going to keep working on that.

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PR this year: tantek.com/2017/151/t1/npsf-pr-wednesday-faster

@TheSFMarathon write-up mostly done! Coming soon I promise — days not weeks (it’s been its own marathon of sorts).

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