#NPSF double PR Wednesday, again w/o music
5:30 36:21s
6:30 34:04s (2+ min slower than last month)

First complete double PR Wednesday since May.

Barely made it to the #earlygang PR Wednesday start. Felt sluggish. I did do a ~45 min track workout yesterday, first time in many months, so maybe I was still tired from that? And last Saturday I did 14 miles (and ~2200' vert) of trails at SFRC.

Skipped the in-betweeners abs workout, drank a bunch of water and downed a clif blok.

Solid quick start to the normal PR Wednesday. Sped up considerably from earlygang to finish over 2 minutes faster, but still just over 2 minutes slower than last month.

My second PR Wednesday running without earphones/music to keep working on focusing and self-motivating without it. I still found my mind drifting from topic to topic at times, and sometimes I’d even hear music playback in my head that I had recently listened to. Definitely have more mental work to do.

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