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@pierce@mas.to nice broad coverage in https://www.theverge.com/2023/4/20/23689570/activitypub-protocol-standard-social-network
Especially your #IndieWeb encouragements to:

 “own your own domain”

 “Have a space that is yours, that belongs to you, a username and identity that can’t disappear just because a company goes out of business or sells to a megalomaniac.”

As you pointed out, the “WordPress plug-in for ActivityPub” enables this today for people who use WordPress for their site.

One minor correction. You said:

 “… you might soon be able to turn your personal website into your entire social identity online”

Always have been.

About six months ago I setup my personal website https://tantek.com/ as my #fediverse address @tantek.com¹. No need for a separate Mastodon account on someone else’s instance.²

This transmission is coming to you³ … from my personal website.

For 13+ years I’ve been using my site as my social identity, using POSSE (before we called it that) to syndicate & distribute my posts to Twitter*, eventually to Facebook*, Flickr, GitHub, and now #federating directly with #ActivityPub supporting servers & services.

*Until they (Facebook, Twitter) dropped or disabled API access, and I haven't posted there since.

As you said:

 “It’s [your own domain is] your YouTube channel name and your TikTok username and your Instagram handle and your phone number and your Twitter @, all in one name”

https://tantek.com/contact is my “phone number”, it’s the 💬 on the top left on my home page.

The web is already “the underlying infrastructure of the social web”.

"your own domain" can already be “your identity for everything”.

Lots more on this at https://indieweb.org/

¹ https://tantek.com/2022/301/t1/twittermigration-bridgyfed-mastodon-indieweb
² https://tantek.com/2023/001/t1/own-your-notes
³ https://youtu.be/ScJvQhWL7Lg?t=24

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