In https://www.theverge.com/2023/4/20/23689570/activitypub-protocol-standard-social-network, author @pierce@mas.to does an excellent job covering a broad range of #ActivityPub related updates, and goes beyond the usual #Mastodon focus to describe numerous implementations.

I was very happy to see that he also clearly communicated several #IndieWeb principles¹, practices, goals, and reasons why². Like this quote:

 “But the advice you’ll hear from most people in this space is this: own your own domain. Don’t be john@/mastodon.social or anna@/facebook.com. Have a space that is yours, that belongs to you, a username and identity that can’t disappear just because a company goes out of business or sells to a megalomaniac.”

and this:

 “It’s [your own domain is] your YouTube channel name and your TikTok username and your Instagram handle and your phone number and your Twitter @, all in one name.”

Great interviews with @stevetex@mozilla.social, @mike@flipboard.social, @dustycloud.org (@cwebber@octodon.social), @evanp.me (@evan@cosocial.ca), @anildash.com (@anildash@me.dm), @coachtony@me.dm, and @manton.org.

As Manton said in the article:

 “If you solve identity with domain names, it makes things easier because it fits the way the web has been for 20 years,”

Pierce also noted:

 “you might soon be able to turn your personal website into your entire social identity online”
Already can.

I replied to Pierce’s post³ about his article noting this, from #federating directly from my website for the past ~6 months, to over a decade of using it as my social identity with the POSSE method with various #socialMedia silos.

It’s important enough that I’ll repeat part of Pierce’s quote at the top:

 “own your own domain. Don’t be john@/mastodon.social or anna@/facebook.com. Have a space that is yours”
He gets it. Don’t be someone at someone else’s server.

Big Chad or Little Chad’s garages are social media stepping stones towards owning your own domain and IndieWeb presence.

We’re here when you’re ready to take that next step: https://chat.indieweb.org/

This is day 38 of #100DaysOfIndieWeb. #100Days

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¹ https://indieweb.org/principles
² https://indieweb.org/why
³ https://mas.to/@pierce/110231624819547202

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