1. using BBEdit. in reply to: https://kylewm.com/2015/03/i-m-going-to-hwc-next-week https://twitter.com/indiewebcamp/status/572543941951664128 http://werd.io/2015/homebrew-website-club-march-11-2015 https://www.facebook.com/events/1605342076364274/

    @indiewebcamp @kylewm2 I'll be there early 17:00-19:00 for quiet writing and open discussions. Have to leave early.

    Twitter post 572546808196419584In reply to: https://twitter.com/indiewebcamp/status/572543941951664128
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    going to Homebrew Website Club @TheCreamerySF March 11. Indie event werd.io/2015/homebrew-website-club-march-11-2015 silo fb.com/events/1605342076364274

    Twitter post 572538035637657600
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    Ghosts in the machine: open tabs and auto-completed-from-history posts from deceased friends. Considering creating or adding to memorial pages for them in the communities we knew each other in, beyond just citing their work. Seem about all we can do sometimes, remember them for their good work, and their positive contributions.

    Twitter post 572444118305017857
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    @mikewest good start on #security and #privacy questions. Do you have sample answers e.g. for existing WebAPI CR(s)?

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    @fugueish @xkit I fear/suspect that. Paytoplay + academic + enterprise + committee design at odds with min viable APIs

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    Does it matter that @Google is asking for exclusive internal use of .dev, and silo-izing .blog? http://sealedabstract.com/rants/google-our-patron-saint-of-the-closed-web/

    Twitter post 572209673077723137
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    And @W3C needs a Security (#s6y) group that reviews all specs, like #i18n & #a11y (WAI) groups do. cc: @bcrypt @W3CAB

    Twitter post 572203315007787008In reply to: https://twitter.com/t/status/572200865018355714
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    Thoughts yesterday lunch w @bcrypt: @W3C specs too big/complex. How do we simplify WebAPIs to reduce security surface?

    Twitter post 572200865018355714
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    @awoods @kylewm2 your bio says WordPress & your site too. #indieweb is about empowering how you already work: http://indiewebcamp.com/WordPress As @kylewm2 said, up to you. We do have plenty very friendly WordPress folks who are happy to help out - stop by our IRC channel if you get a chance: irc://irc.freenode.net/indiewebcamp Realtime archive: indiewebcamp.com/irc/today

    Twitter post 572192917122617345In reply to: https://twitter.com/kylewm2/status/572148202587099137
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    @mnot @bcrypt always keep your independence close to heart & mind. ABC: Always be creating on/for your #indieweb site.

    Twitter post 572174041072599041In reply to: https://twitter.com/mnot/status/571844398956199936
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    Ran 3x up Hayes hill (Laguna>Pierce) this morning in 30 minutes. 11 weeks til we #raceb2b. #b2b2015 #hillsforbreakfast

    Twitter post 572172267192336386
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    @badosa *just* saw my typo. Apologies & thank you for the correction! Fixed on my site at least http://tantek.com/2015/055/t1/two-more-indiewebcamp-translations
    Twitter post 571425547915431937In reply to: https://twitter.com/badosa/status/570326388248412160
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    @kylewm2 hence I replied to the source for context. The brackets […] indicate removal from a quote. More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellipsis Specifically: “If an ellipsis is meant to represent an omission, square brackets must surround the ellipsis to make it clear that there was no pause in the original quote: [ . . . ]. Currently, the MLA has removed the requirement of brackets in its style handbooks. However, some maintain that the use of brackets is still correct because it clears confusion.” Since we often use ellipses to truncate POSSE tweets, it’s better to always use […] when elliding inside a quote, to disambiguate that the ellipsis was not in the original. And square brackets are also the convention for indicating quoter edits to the content of a quotation, such as insertion of implied words, substitutions for pronouns etc.

    Twitter post 571394350543818752In reply to: https://twitter.com/kylewm2/status/571386813522116608
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    “dropped my RSS […] to simplify my site’s code. I don’t want to maintain all these sidefiles.” — @kartik_prabhu

    Twitter post 571382221673603073In reply to: https://twitter.com/kartik_prabhu/status/571379820178882560
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    #IndieWeb: Homebrew Website Club 2015-02-25 Summary

    2015-02-25 Homebrew Website Club participants, seven of them, sit in two rows for a photograph

    At last night's Homebrew Website Club we discussed, shared experiences, and how-tos about realtime indie readers, changing/choosing your webhost, indie RSVPs, moving from Blogger/Tumblr to your own site, new IndieWebCamp Slack channel, and ifthisthen.cat.

    See kevinmarks.com/hwc2015-02-25.html for the writeup.

    Twitter post 571203107566125056
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    @rachelnabors right-click works fine on that image in Firefox 37. Perhaps file a bug/feature request for your browser?

    Twitter post 571191758593216513In reply to: https://twitter.com/rachelnabors/status/571188306366476288
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    @rachelnabors I remember that. Experiments are good. Better techniques now, e.g. http://tantek.com/2013/149/b1/bayesian More: http://cookiecrook.com/longdesc/

    Twitter post 571187747458646016In reply to: https://twitter.com/rachelnabors/status/571185084998373376
  35. using BBEdit in reply to: http://www.w3.org/blog/news/archives/4449 https://twitter.com/w3c/status/571044347044454400

    Disappointed in @W3C for Recommending Longdesc

    W3C has advanced the longdesc attribute to a Recommendation, overruling objections from browser makers.

    Not a single browser vendor supported advancing this specification to recommendation.

    Apple formally objected when it was a Candidate Recommendation and provided lengthy research and documentation (better than anyone has before or since) on why longdesc is bad technology (in practice has not and does not solve the problems it claims to).

    Mozilla formally objected when it was a Proposed Recommendation, agreeing with Apple’s research and reasoning.

    Both formal objections were overruled.

    For all the detailed reasons noted in Apple’s formal objection, I also recommend avoid using longdesc, and instead:

    • Always provide good alt (text alternative) attributes for images, that read well inline if and when the image does not load. Or if there’s no semantic loss without the image, use an empty alt="".
    • For particularly rich or complex images, either provide longer descriptions of images in normal visible markup, or linked from a image caption or other visible affordance. See accessibility expert James Craig’s excellent Longdesc alternatives in HTML5 resource for even more and better techniques.

    Perhaps the real tragedy is that many years have been wasted on a broken technology that could have been spent on actually improving accessibility of open web technologies. Not to mention the harrassment that’s occurred in the name of longdesc.

    Sometimes web standards go wrong. This is one of those times.

    Twitter post 571184745008095233In reply to: https://twitter.com/w3c/status/571044347044454400
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    going to Homebrew Website Club 17:30 @MozSF 2015-02-25. Indie event kylewm.com/2015/02/homebrew-website-club-2015-february-25 silo fb.com/events/1579077165643006

    Twitter post 570400716105232385
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    @fbonacci no, no joker. Normally that would be a lap or stadium stairs, but not with today’s legs.

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    This morning: legs too tired to sprint, did a deck instead. 33 cards of ♣ leglift ♦ sideplank ♥ pushup ♠ sergeant lunge 2-10 J=11 Q=12 K=13 A=14 For the sideplank and lunges, I did the count from the card on both sides/legs. Took a photo with the rest of the Trackish Tuesday crew and then watched the sunrise in the park afterwards on my way home. https://instagram.com/p/zfSACaA9b7 https://igcdn-photos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xfa1/t51.2885-15/11024384_680436535400682_1016995629_n.jpg

    Twitter post 570391550007451648
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    New @W3C TR snapshot of @CSS3UI published. Focus on implemented features, most issues resolved: http://www.w3.org/TR/2015/WD-css3-ui-20150224/

    Twitter post 570379908309868544
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    @davewiner you're using Twitter. @benwerd & I use our indieweb sites for all notes & replies, copied to feeds+Twitter

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    @benwerd @davewiner indeed. And hence “diversity of approaches & implementations” principle: indiewebcamp.com/principles#Plurality

    Twitter post 570320599500918784In reply to: https://twitter.com/benwerd/status/570311202896789504
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    @davewiner disagree. critiques of tech “XML is fragile” useful, of people/groups “problem with the IndieWeb guys” not

    Twitter post 570320565929701376In reply to: https://twitter.com/davewiner/status/570291215415046144
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    2 more IndieWebCamp translations started Spanish indiewebcamp.com/Main_Page-es Catalon indiewebcamp.com/Main_Page-ca Thanks @badosa!

    Twitter post 570320538033373185
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    November Project Book Survey Answers #NP_Book

    The November Project recently wrapped up a survey for a book project. I had the tab open and finally submitted my answers, but figured why not post them on my own site as well. Some of this I've blogged about before, some of it is new.

    The basics

    Tribe Location
    San Francisco
    Member Name
    Tantek Çelik
    Date of Birth
    March 11th
    Date and Location of First NP Workout
    2013-10-30 Alamo Square, San Francisco, CA, USA
    Contact Info

    Pre-NP fitness

    Describe your pre-NP fitness background and routine.

    • 2011 started mixed running/jogging/walking every week, short distances 0.5-3 miles.
    • 2008 started bicycling regularly around SF
    • 2007 started rock climbing, eventually 3x a week
    • 1998 started regular yoga and pilates as part of recovering from a back injury

    First hear about NP

    How did you first hear about the group?

    I saw chalkmarks in Golden Gate Park for "NovemberProject 6:30am Kezar!" and thought what the heck is that? 6:30am? Sounds crazy. More: Learning About NP

    First NP workout

    Recount your first workout, along with the vibe, and how they may have differed from your expectations.

    My first NovemberProject workout was a 2013 NPSF PR Wednesday workout, and it was the hardest physical workout I'd ever done. However before it destroyed me, I held my hand up as a newbie, and was warmly welcomed and hugged. My first NP made a strong positive impression. More: My First Year at NP: Newbie

    Meeting BG and Bojan

    For those who've crossed paths, what was your first impression of BG? Of Bojan?

    I first met BG and Bojan at a traverbal Boston destination deck workout. BG and Bojan were (are!) larger than life, with voices to match. Yet their booming matched with self-deprecating humor got everyone laughing and feeling like they belonged.

    First Harvard Stadium workout

    Boston Only: If you had a particularly memorable newbie meeting and virgin workout at Harvard Stadium, I'd like to know about it for a possible separate section. If so, please describe.

    My first Boston Harvard Stadium workout was one to remember. Two days after my traverbal Boston destination deck workout, I joined the newbie orientation since I hadn't done the stadium before. I couldn't believe how many newbies there were. By the time we got to the starting steps I was ready to bolt. I completed 26 sections, far more than I thought I would.

    Elevated my fitness

    How has NP elevated your fitness level? How have you measured this?

    NP has made me a lot faster. After a little over 6 months of NPSF, I cut over 16 minutes in my Bay To Breakers 12km personal record.

    Affected personal life

    Give an example of how NP has affected your personal life and/or helped you overcome a challenge.

    NP turned me from a night person to a morning person, with different activities, and different people. NP inspired me to push myself to overcome my inability to run hills, one house at a time until I could run half a block uphill, then I started running NPSF hills. More: My First Year at NP: Scared of Hills

    Impacted relationship with my city

    How has NP impacted your relationship with your city?

    I would often run into NPSF regulars on my runs to and from the workout, so I teamed up with a couple of them and started an unofficial "rungang". We posted times and corners of our running routes, including to hills. NPSF founder Laura challenged our rungang to run ~4 miles (more than halfway across San Francisco) south to a destination hills workout at Bernal Heights and a few of us did. After similar pre-workout runs North to the Marina, and East to the Embarcadero, I feel like I can confidently run to anywhere in the city, which is an amazing feeling.

    Why rapid traction?

    Why do you think NP has gained such traction so rapidly?

    Two words: community positivity. Yes there's a workout too, but there are lots of workout groups. What makes NP different (beyond that it's free), are the values of community and barrier-breaking positivity that the leaders instill into every single workout. More: My First Year at NP: Positive Community — Just Show Up

    Most memorable moment

    Describe your most memorable workout or a quintessential NP moment.

    Catching the positivity award when it was thrown at me across half of NPSF. Tantek holding up the NPSF positivity award backlit by the rising sun.

    Weirdest thing

    Weirdest thing about NP?

    That so many people get up before sunrise, nevermind in sub-freezing temperatures in many cities, to go to a workout. Describe that to anyone who isn't in NP, and it sounds beyond weird.

    NP and regular life

    How has NP bled into your "regular" life? (Do you inadvertently go in for a hug when meeting a new client? Do you drop F-bombs at inopportune times? Have you gone from a cubicle brooder to the meeting goofball? Are you kinder to strangers?)

    I was already a bit of a hugger, but NP has taught me to better recognize when people might quietly want (or be ok with) a hug, even outside of NP. #huglife

    The Positivity Award

    If you've ever won the Positivity Award, please describe that moment and what it meant to you.

    It's hard to describe. I certainly was not expecting it. I couldn't believe how excited people were that I was getting it. There was a brief moment of fear when Braden tossed it at me over dozens of my friends, all the sound suddenly muted while I watched it flying, hands outstretched. Caught it solidly with both hands, and I could hear again. It was a beautiful day, the sun had just risen, and I could see everyone's smiling faces. More than the award itself, it meant a lot to me to see the joy in people's faces.

    Non-NP friends and family

    What do your non-NP friends and family think of your involvement?

    My family is incredibly supportive and ecstatic with my increased fitness. My non-NP friends are anywhere from curious (at best), to wary or downright worried that it's a cult, which they only half-jokingly admit.

    NP in one word

    Describe NP in one word.


    Additional Thoughts

    Additional thoughts? Include them here.

    You can follow my additional thoughts on NP, fitness, and other things on my site & blog: tantek.com.

    Twitter post 569384860168515585
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    In today’s episode of the blind leading the blind, I offer advice & support to a single guy friend, 10+ years younger.

    Twitter post 569371345538015232
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    Appreciating design touches, e.g. @NikePlus app’s after-run voice congrats like “This is @ShalaneFlanagan. Wow! That’s three days in a row. Boom.” What if we could record such congrats ourselves and share them for friends to hear after they completed their runs?

    Twitter post 567717731852488704
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    Excellent Trackish Tuesday this morning. Did warmup, 6 of 7 laps. Getting faster at 200s. Thanks @butteronadonut.

    Twitter post 567711943369060353
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    youtu.be/hqxbSggZ-vI “One of these mornings you will look for me and I’ll be gone Trackish Tuesday 0600 @CalAcademy

    Twitter post 567593025677697024
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    @kidehen negative reasoning "a person doesn't" "you shouldn't need" begets procrastination, not building More: indiewebcamp.com/FAQ#Is_everyone_going_to_want_to_run_their_own_website

    Twitter post 567584297830195201In reply to: https://twitter.com/kidehen/status/567405320725864448
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    @julien51 please add your tweets to your own site, in both h-entry & your RSS feed too. Yummier than non-RSS tweets :)

    Twitter post 567578089421422593In reply to: https://twitter.com/julien51/status/567009528563380224
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    @hmans I wish I could reply-to, like, and send a webmention to your wish at an #IndieWeb permalink on hmans.io :)

    Twitter post 567574806954921984In reply to: https://twitter.com/hmans/status/567437507617644544
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    @kevinmarks @marcoarment great post “build what we want” core to #indieweb indiewebcamp.com/principles Let's work together.

    Twitter post 567573245570715648In reply to: https://twitter.com/kevinmarks/status/567439406051516416
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    @elfpavlik #IndieWeb focuses on: #ownyourdata, own notes > tweets #UX #design > protocols More: indiewebcamp.com/principles

    Twitter post 567568209809666050In reply to: https://twitter.com/elfpavlik/status/567238503113965568
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    Still working on figuring out a good design to collapse presentation of likes of same type of thing from same source.

    Twitter post 567526574052761603
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  87. using BBEdit Katharine Otis’s yoga page
  88. using BBEdit Katharine Otis’s post
  89. using BBEdit.

    Learned a new arm balance in yoga class @MissionCliffs today. Held Dragonfly pose several seconds. Thanks Katharine.

    Twitter post 566806790109532161
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    going to BOOTIE SF: Valentine’s Party https://www.facebook.com/events/334639810064851/

    Twitter post 566789128390332416
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    not going to make it to @Nov_Project_SF take on the #Sunrise6K. Free race, great people. Get it fb.com/events/1540673402878317

    Twitter post 566075586943012865
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  97. using BBEdit. in reply to: https://kylewm.com/2015/02/homebrew-website-club-2015-february-11 https://www.facebook.com/events/788946017847062/

    might remotely attend Homebrew Website Club TONIGHT! Indie event: kylewm.com/2015/02/homebrew-website-club-2015-february-11 silo: fb.com/events/788946017847062

    Twitter post 565700602769211394
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    “[…] cats with hiding boxes had lower CSS scores on average […]” Not your usual boxes and CSS: http://www.iflscience.com/plants-and-animals/boxes-really-do-reduce-cat-stress

    Twitter post 565002607417376768
  100. using BBEdit Stephen Luntz’s “Why Do Cats Love Boxes So Much?”
  101. using BBEdit Kartik Prabhu’s note: “Hey Google+ STOP ‘auto-awesome’ing my photos […]”
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  108. using BBEdit in reply to: https://www.facebook.com/NovemberProjectSF/photos/a.586864678116696.1073742002.276430682493432/586867854783045/

    @Nov_Project_SF #flexingforsam #FastAsSam https://www.facebook.com/NovemberProjectSF/photos/a.586864678116696.1073742002.276430682493432/586867854783045/

    Twitter post 563863770426925057
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  114. using BBEdit Jamie Lovett’s “Lego Doctor Who Set Officially Announced”
  115. using BBEdit in reply to: https://twitter.com/html5cat/status/563434095510687744

    @html5cat yes, permashortcitation. 14 chars incl ()s instead of 23 from Twitter tco URLs. Also: http://indiewebcamp.com/permashortcitation#Why

    Twitter post 563440155642458112In reply to: https://twitter.com/html5cat/status/563434095510687744
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    Life is short. Appreciate it. Smile. Be kind. Breathe. Be impatient. Actions over talk. Be patient with the kind ones.

    Twitter post 563433773480415232
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  129. using BBEdit Doc Searls’s “You're the Boss with UBOS”
  130. using BBEdit Chris Coyier’s tweet: “There should be a test for new startups: Is this better than a text file? […]”
  131. using BBEdit Dan Lyke’s “Vim from 1993 where you'd have a 486 with 1MB of RAM vs Atom from today opening a 104MB text file”
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    Disable Flash NOW. Unpatched Flash plugin vulnerability (#zeroday) http://blog.trendmicro.com/trendlabs-security-intelligence/flash-greets-2015-with-new-zero-day/ Steps to disable: Summaries for each browser * Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/108086?hl=en * Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/disable-or-remove-add-ons#w_how-to-disable-plugins * Disable (Never Activate) all "Flash", "Shockwave", * consider disanbling any other closed-source binary-only plugins. * At a minium, choose (Ask to Activate). * Safari - use http://clicktoflash.com/ if you can, otherwise: * "Safari" menu, "Preferences…", "Security" (lock icon) tab, "Manage Website Settings…", choose "Adobe Flash Player", choose "Block" (or "Ask") from the popup menu next to "When visiting other websites:"

    Twitter post 562342670018686976
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    Finished #SurfCity half marathon in 2:18:32, >3.5min PR. Happy to run with dad, Nicole, & @Nov_Project_LAX friends. Everytime I felt tired all I had to do was close my eyes, remember Sam Dweck's smile, try to copy her smile, and moments later I'd pick up the pace. Still missing you Sam. Still would rather run with you. I might have slowed and posed for a few photographers along the way with my backwards cap #HalfAsCool as Sam, maybe even grinning & flexing. I also missed all my @Nov_Project_SF friends running and/or cheering the Kaiser half marathon up in San Francisco today, but I kept them close to heart and could hear their voices as I ran. It was a beautiful Sunday in California, remembering a beautiful person. Previously: * tantek.com/2014/313/t1/finished-berkeley-half-marathon

    Twitter post 562095072607350788
  134. using BBEdit. in reply to: http://tantek.com/2015/031/t1/sam-dweck-november-project-surf-city-race https://www.facebook.com/tantek.celik/posts/10101486027909953 https://twitter.com/t/status/561789908063252480

    Keeping Sam in mind kept me going all the way to PR: 2:18:32! Thanks @Nov_Project_LAX cheerstation for a mile 10 push!

    Twitter post 562081715670106113In reply to: https://twitter.com/t/status/561789908063252480
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    It’s the night before I #RunSurfCity and I’m thinking about Sam Dweck, the friend we lost last Sunday. Closing my eyes I can see her smiling, now matter how intense our November Project workouts. https://www.facebook.com/NovemberProjectSF/photos/fp.214611.1234260440/556426371160527 https://scontent-b-lax.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/10347644_556426371160527_1581628575812443453_n.jpg?oh=cb8b0323ad19344ce384868ee5708672&oe=556EB6C5&ext=.jpg That’s her with her signature backwards trucker cap, grinning and doing tricep dips while I’m concentrating intensely on something, probably breathing. In addition to NPSF (November Project San Francisco), I got to know Sam during our TrackTuesday workouts which brought out a different kind of intensity. http://instagram.com/p/sNaCAIg1Qg/ http://photos-g.ak.instagram.com/hphotos-ak-xpa1/t51.2885-15/927143_679420362133574_1556234502_n.jpg Sam was always there, always smiling, always kind, always encouraging. Tomorrow I’m running the Surf City Half Marathon in Huntington Beach, my 5th overall, first of 2015, second with my dad, first with my good friend Nicole, and first race with November Project LAX friends as well. I’m grateful I get to race with friends & family. I’ll be keeping Sam Dweck in mind the entire time, and honoring her memory by going as fast as I can (even if not quite as #FastAsSam), and smile doing it. That’s that she would have done.

    Twitter post 561789908063252480
  136. using BBEdit Ben Dickens’s post
  137. using BBEdit Ben Dickens’s “The Basic Human Right to Fitness and Community: The November Project Experience”
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  139. using BBEdit
  140. using BBEdit
  141. using BBEdit
  142. using BBEdit
  143. using BBEdit
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  145. using BBEdit
  146. using BBEdit Martin Atkins’s
  147. using BBEdit. in reply to: https://twitter.com/kevinmarks/status/561213861748293633 https://twitter.com/ciberch/status/561213244316987393

    @ciberch @kevinmarks @apparentlymart use this http://indiewebcamp.com/next-hwc We update it to auto-redirect to the next meetup.

    Twitter post 561252513794387969In reply to: https://twitter.com/kevinmarks/status/561213861748293633
  148. using BBEdit.

    SWAT0 A posts+tags mobile photo of B B photo notified C(follows A) sees it; replies A&B comment notified Prev: http://tantek.com/2010/199/t3/fsws-social-web-acid-test-swat-v0

    Twitter post 560921112767242241
  149. using BBEdit. in reply to: https://kylewm.com/2015/01/homebrew-website-club-28-january-2015 https://www.facebook.com/events/387249418101711/

    going to Homebrew Website Club 17:30 @MozSF 2015-01-28. Indie event kylewm.com/2015/01/homebrew-website-club-28-january-2015 silo fb.com/events/387249418101711

    Twitter post 559887117812121600
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  153. using BBEdit
  154. using BBEdit
  155. using BBEdit
  156. using BBEdit
  157. using BBEdit
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  159. using BBEdit in reply to: https://twitter.com/glazou/status/559759313863184384

    @glazou my condolensces. It’s hard to make sense. I'm sorry. You have my sympathies also.

    Twitter post 559773363418058753In reply to: https://twitter.com/glazou/status/559759313863184384
  160. using BBEdit in reply to: https://twitter.com/cameronmoll/status/559722388406145025 https://twitter.com/dinasporer/status/559642399216259072 https://twitter.com/andymcmillan/status/559641137447596032 https://twitter.com/ThatEmil/status/559634885552660480 https://twitter.com/iboxifoo/status/559634258034040833 https://twitter.com/_Lance_Leonard/status/559634042258075648

    @_Lance_Leonard @iboxifoo @ThatEmil @andymcmillan @dinasporer @cameronmoll Thank you. She was too young. Accident.

    Twitter post 559772279085596672In reply to: https://twitter.com/cameronmoll/status/559722388406145025
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  166. using BBEdit

    lost a friend Sunday. Sudden and unexpected. Hug your loved ones.

    Twitter post 559633572802224128
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  168. using BBEdit

    deduped text addition to Wikipedia “Data deduplication”. Can’t tell if troll or honest mistake https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_deduplication

    Twitter post 559525363080896513
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  170. using BBEdit Channy Yun’s “인디웹(IndieWeb)을 아십니까?”
  171. using BBEdit
  172. using BBEdit

    Great post by Gabbi on her first year at November Project. http://runnowandwinelater.com/2015/01/23/one-year-later-november-project-san-francisco/

    Twitter post 558909252383690752
  173. using BBEdit Gabbi’s “One Year Later”
  174. using BBEdit
  175. using BBEdit in reply to: https://twitter.com/kevinmarks/status/558719994217775104 https://kylewm.com/2015/01/that-knife-cuts-both-way-though-right-ig-could-publish https://twitter.com/kylewm2/status/558713944185909249

    @kevinmarks FB does not bless link-previews, Twitter need not. @kylewm2 IG needs HTML that works w/o JS, not #metacrap

    Twitter post 558901553365385216In reply to: https://twitter.com/kevinmarks/status/558719994217775104
  176. using BBEdit

    Twitter: post photos directly, not via Instagram mashable.com/2015/01/22/twitter-instagram-photos/ #indieweb: post to your site, POSSE to Twitter

    Twitter post 558896694813655041
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  178. using BBEdit in reply to: https://twitter.com/atomicules/status/556418673922293760

    @atomicules doing similarly, queuing webmentions for now at a proxy, posting with u-in-reply-to & u-like-of. #indieweb

    Twitter post 558893567553196032In reply to: https://twitter.com/atomicules/status/556418673922293760
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  180. using BBEdit
  181. using BBEdit
  182. using BBEdit atomicules’s “Indieweb”
  183. using BBEdit

    “I would like to take a minute of your time[…]” You already did, you’re lying, you want more. = new Gmail delete rule

    Twitter post 558831664621572097
  184. using BBEdit Ben Werdmüller’s “Artists should control their work. That means we need better networks.”
  185. using BBEdit

    mo’ <meta>, mo’ problems need that tshirt for next @W3C TPAC #metatags #dublincore #opengraph #twittercards #metacrap

    Twitter post 558813933499199488
  186. using BBEdit

    Hey @Google @YouTube, strongarming indie artists like @zoecello is a form of bullying and evil: zoekeating.tumblr.com/post/108898194009/what-should-i-do-about-youtube

    Twitter post 558735774430932993
  187. using BBEdit in reply to: https://www.facebook.com/dybrkr/photos/a.1129735297043710.1073741861.919990134684895/1129741383709768/?comment_id=1129929277024312

    @ceeceeboom that photo is @dybrkr. My running group is @Nov_Project: @Nov_Project_SF @Nov_Project_LAX @Nov_Project_NYC

    Twitter post 558302346938040321
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  189. using BBEdit Tom Morris’s “DNS issues reveal inherent fragility and redundancy of DOIs”
  190. using BBEdit

    Great working with @tommorris @kylewm @kevinmarks. All major @microformats 2 parsing issues & brainstorms resolved: microformats.org/wiki/microformats2-parsing-issues microformats.org/wiki/microformats2-parsing-brainstorming

    Twitter post 557809510732275712
  191. using BBEdit in reply to: https://kylewm.com/2015/01/microformats-dev-meetup-2015-01-20 https://www.facebook.com/events/1546660832259649

    @microformats dev meetup all setup on the long table nearest the La Boulange register - easy access to ordering food & drink! And online in Freenode #microformats and talky.io/microformats

    Twitter post 557745169081315328
  192. using BBEdit
  193. using BBEdit

    Reminder TONIGHT @microformats dev meetup 7p @LaBoulange DuDome indie kylewm.com/2015/01/microformats-dev-meetup-2015-01-20 FB fb.com/events/1546660832259649

    Twitter post 557646892012941312
  194. using BBEdit in reply to: https://twitter.com/kevinmarks/status/557619286114451456

    @kevinmarks Ha! @Google reinvents 15 yr old @Microsoft XML Data Islands as JSON-LD Data Islands msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms766512%28v=vs.85%29.aspx

    Twitter post 557633273850253316In reply to: https://twitter.com/kevinmarks/status/557619286114451456
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  196. using BBEdit

    Continued iteration on #indieweb likes: further clustering adjacent likes of same source by not repeating their name.

    Twitter post 557464347711406080
  197. using BBEdit Kenton Varda’s “Open Source Web Apps Aren't Viable; Let's Fix That”
  198. using BBEdit Michiel de Jong’s “Joining the Indie Web: my Motivation”
  199. using BBEdit
  200. using BBEdit
  201. using BBEdit
  202. using BBEdit Ben Fox’s comment
  203. using BBEdit
  204. using BBEdit
  205. using BBEdit
  206. using BBEdit in reply to: http://werd.io/2015/censorship-and-silos https://twitter.com/benwerd/status/555901690268749824

    @benwerd emotionally impactful. Photo of you & censored @Instagram on IG http://instagram.com/p/x6ATf0A9Y4 http://photos-g.ak.instagram.com/hphotos-ak-xfa1/t51.2885-15/10903187_1591861531027422_1626873163_n.jpg

    Twitter post 556294489279856640In reply to: https://twitter.com/benwerd/status/555901690268749824
  207. using BBEdit Ben Werdmüller’s “Censorship and Silos”
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  209. using BBEdit
  210. using BBEdit Kyle Mahan’s “I added search to my #indieweb site. [...]”
  211. using BBEdit in reply to: https://twitter.com/atomicules/status/556247483870105600

    @atomicules excellent first steps. You also can setup a proxy to receive webmentions for you: https://webmention.herokuapp.com/

    Twitter post 556288808900366336In reply to: https://twitter.com/atomicules/status/556247483870105600
  212. using BBEdit in reply to: https://twitter.com/atomicules/status/556247185608937474

    @atomicules a long & difficult lessons learned. All @microformats work 2010+ based on immediately practical use-cases.

    Twitter post 556286620073492482In reply to: https://twitter.com/atomicules/status/556247185608937474
  213. using BBEdit Kevin Marks’s “We Like IndieWeb Software”
  214. using BBEdit

    #hackshackers @benwerd: “‘The cloud’ sounds nice and fluffy, but really just means someone else’s hard drive.”

    Twitter post 555934876416081920
  215. using BBEdit

    #hackshackers @benwerd talk @mattervc Silos censor: @instagram censored gay kiss photo @facebook censors breastfeeding photos, posts about Syrian Sarin attacks, comments on Paris attack.

    Twitter post 555934151623573504
  216. using BBEdit

    Despite Technorati dumping tag & blog search long ago, rel-tag succeeded on web, in #HTML spec https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/semantics.html#linkTypes

    Twitter post 555556952827510785
  217. using BBEdit

    Today is the 10th anniversary of Technorati Tags, based on the open rel-tag #microformat: tantek.com/log/2005/01.html#d14t0308

    Twitter post 555544072870703104
  218. using BBEdit
  219. using BBEdit in reply to: https://twitter.com/dougmckown/status/555285758773575680

    @dougmckown my self-built personal publishing software @Falcon (uses OSS @cassisjs @tmhOAuth) https://indiewebcamp.com/Falcon

    Twitter post 555433973074395136In reply to: https://twitter.com/dougmckown/status/555285758773575680
  220. using BBEdit

    new home page * 100 posts via flat bim files * <64KB HTML * <1s page load no DB XHR ∞scroll needed beat that, silos :)

    Twitter post 555270750551429120
  221. using BBEdit

    On the positive side, posted a record 60+ posts on my own #indieweb site today. Mostly with #ownyourlikes, thinking about: * how to improve display of clustered likes even further * automatically send webmentions for those that support it * POSSEing likes to Twitter (or using Bridgy Publish to do so) * auto-discovering original posts from tweets, so that even if I paste in a tweet URL to like, @Falcon can automatically like an original post instead (if any)

    Twitter post 555264344410566656
  222. using BBEdit
  223. using BBEdit Aaron Parecki’s “The problem with owning my likes is that I feel like I need a unified reader […]”
  224. using BBEdit Aaron Parecki’s “Just updated #p3k with better presentations of invitations to events! […]”
  225. using BBEdit Ben Werdmüller’s “🗿🌅⛵️🚤🎊🎸🏊🍣🐧🌈 Not better than this text file. […]”
  226. using BBEdit Ben Werdmüller’s “I really like @aaronpk's homegrown #indieweb collections of content. […]”
  227. using BBEdit Ben Werdmüller’s “We chose to structure our Known Pro pre-sale so that we took payment only once we delivered on our promises. […]”
  228. using BBEdit Ben Werdmüller’s “Now I've modified my phone and my desktop to let me install apps from the Firefox Marketplace […]”
  229. using BBEdit Ben Werdmüller’s “If I had one request from Firefox Marketplace […]”
  230. using BBEdit Ben Werdmüller’s “Hello in the latest Firefox is *really* neat. […]”
  231. using BBEdit Ben Werdmüller’s “But of course, users should be able to use a shared host. […]”
  232. using BBEdit
  233. using BBEdit
  234. using BBEdit
  235. using BBEdit
  236. using BBEdit
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  238. using BBEdit
  239. using BBEdit
  240. using BBEdit Ben Roberts’s “Already posting so much more thanks to MobilePub […]”
  241. using BBEdit
  242. using BBEdit
  243. using BBEdit
  244. using BBEdit
  245. using BBEdit
  246. using BBEdit
  247. using BBEdit David Peach’s “My IndieWeb Setup”
  248. using BBEdit
  249. using BBEdit Ben Roberts’s “Lots of new features rolling out for MobilePub […]”
  250. using BBEdit Aaron Alexander’s “POSSEing my tweets […]”
  251. using BBEdit
  252. using BBEdit
  253. using BBEdit Kyle Mahan’s “new Bridgy Publish feature: you can now publish “likes” to Instagram […]”
  254. using BBEdit
  255. using BBEdit Rick Mendes’s “This wiki is a gem to explore #indieweb possibilities […]”
  256. using BBEdit
  257. using BBEdit
  258. using BBEdit Jeff Porter’s “Jekyll and the IndieWeb”
  259. using BBEdit Matthew "Atari" Eargle’s “Why I Joined the IndieWeb Movement”
  260. using BBEdit
  261. using BBEdit Aaron Parecki’s “Owning My Data in 2014”
  262. using BBEdit Pierre 'catwell' Chapuis’s “Indie Web”
  263. using BBEdit
  264. using BBEdit Charles Stanhope’s “Reaching IndieMark Level 1”
  265. using BBEdit
  266. using BBEdit
  267. using BBEdit
  268. using BBEdit
  269. using BBEdit
  270. using BBEdit
  271. using BBEdit Dan Gillmor’s “Why the Indie Web movement is so important”
  272. using BBEdit Christophe Ducamp’s “Work in progress on #indieweb commitment 2015-01-01 […]”
  273. using BBEdit
  274. using BBEdit David John Mead’s “One person's title, is anothers caption. Moving content between silos #indieweb”
  275. using BBEdit
  276. using BBEdit David Shanske’s “Indieweb 2014 End of Year Summary”
  277. using BBEdit
  278. using BBEdit
  279. using BBEdit Jason Cosper’s “Good People of WordPress: We are Fighting a War”
  280. using BBEdit

    It’s days like this that I ask myself, what would @adactio do, and I hear “be kind”, and think, say & do nice things, like “like” a bunch of things others have said.

    Twitter post 555222200048160768
  281. using BBEdit in reply to https://twitter.com/iainspad/status/554969060098969601 https://twitter.com/sashtown/status/554975613564751872 https://twitter.com/thomatronic/status/554985330835996672

    Despite names, ind.ie&indie.vc are NOT #indieweb @indiewebcamp indiewebcamp.com/2014-review#Indie_Term_Re-use @iainspad @sashtown @thomatronic

    Twitter post 555115245405229056In reply to: https://twitter.com/iainspad/status/554969060098969601
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  283. using BBEdit

    still missing #aaronsw, still can't watch the film about him. previously, previously, previously: http://tantek.com/2013/025/b1/remembering-aaron-swartz-part-1-you-should-blog-that http://tantek.com/2013/026/b1/remembering-aaron-swartz-part-2-hacking-essence-advancing-humanity http://tantek.com/2013/059/t1/doj-prosecutors-aaronsw-fear-face-saving-not-justice and Lessig on MIT's failure: lessig.org/2013/07/on-the-emptiness-in-the-concept-of-neutrality/

    Twitter post 554519616241033216
  284. using BBEdit Panayotis Vryonis’s “testing my webmentions server”
  285. using BBEdit Kathy Sierra’s “Creating Passionate Users: Don't make the Demo look Done”
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  287. using BBEdit
  288. using BBEdit
  289. using BBEdit
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  291. using BBEdit
  292. 2015-01-01 personal site launches so far: indiewebcamp.com/2015-01-01-commitments Add yours, post+POSSE #indieweb. Blogging soon!

    using BBEdit. Twitter post 553769383399809024
  293. Last call for 2015-001 #indieweb launches! @_pius @haxor @jonpierce @AStateofKate @fdevillamil tantek.com/2014/357/b1/2015-indieweb-site-launch-commitment

    using BBEdit. Twitter post 553767444515651584
  294. “Never Buy A Phone Again” says @WIRED wired.com/2015/01/phones-are-tablets/ #NoPhone #Future I started 1 yr ago tantek.com/2014/006/t2/ipod-wifi-mifi-works-iamnotanumber-nophone-future

    using BBEdit. Twitter post 553693184086519808
  295. Where were you 6:30 on the Fifth of November 2014? I was @Nov_Project_LAX at the Hollywood Bowl running.competitor.com/2015/01/news/crowd-sourced-socially-focused-running-exploded_120697

    using BBEdit. Twitter post 553690168277094400
  296. going to Homebrew Website Club 18:30 @MozSF 2015-01-14. Indie event werd.io/2015/homebrew-website-club-january-14-2015 silo fb.com/events/581851598581887

    in reply to: http://werd.io/2015/homebrew-website-club-january-14-2015 https://www.facebook.com/events/581851598581887/ using BBEdit. Twitter post 553350520069709824
  297. going to @Microformats Dev Meetup 2015-01-20 La Boulange Du Dome. #microformats2 uses+parsing: https://kylewm.com/2015/01/microformats-dev-meetup-2015-01-20

    in reply to: https://kylewm.com/2015/01/microformats-dev-meetup-2015-01-20 https://www.facebook.com/events/1546660832259649 using BBEdit. Twitter post 552977602219356160
  298. @potch sorry no built-in backfeed in Known yet. Connect Bridgy to withknown, FB, TW etc. More: stream.withknown.com/2014/getting-started-with-bridgy-1

    in reply to: http://potch.withknown.com/2015/trying-out-withknowncom-in-particular-the-automatic-syndication-t-made https://twitter.com/potch/status/552239008416157696 using BBEdit. Twitter post 552258559476776960In reply to: https://twitter.com/potch/status/552239008416157696
  299. Analysis & examples of when a quotation should instead be a reply, bookmark, repost, or photo: https://indiewebcamp.com/quotation#Instead_use

    using BBEdit. Twitter post 551789064643698688
  300. #indieweb building blocks reply-context, fragmentions, marginalia help distinguish quotations: indiewebcamp.com/quotation#Why

    using BBEdit. Twitter post 551649193639813120
  301. @jnymck yes. contact form or even search counts. Every site needs hosting of some kind, wide spectrum of possibilities: http://indiewebcamp.com/web_hosting#Services_by_Type

    in reply to: http://jnymck.withknown.com/2015/t-so-basically-any-site-w-a-contact-form-is https://twitter.com/jnymck/status/551194992924844032 using BBEdit. Twitter post 551201731238178817In reply to: https://twitter.com/jnymck/status/551194992924844032
  302. What is a web app? A #webapp is a website that accepts some form of user input. I tried that on @adactio several weeks ago and he didn't flinch, so I figure it's a pretty good working definition. See also: https://adactio.com/journal/6246

    using BBEdit. Twitter post 551190846297886720
  303. using BBEdit Doc Searls's Linux Journal article “Hats Off to Mozilla”.
  304. using BBEdit .
  305. using BBEdit Ari's post.
  306. reviewing 2015-01-01 #indieweb commitments; super impressed with what @aribadernatal shipped! https://aribadernatal.com/2015/01/01/homebrew-website-2015-edition/

    in reply to: https://aribadernatal.com/2015/01/01/homebrew-website-2015-edition/ https://twitter.com/aribadernatal/status/550762697982099457 using BBEdit. Twitter post 551174820839583745In reply to: https://twitter.com/aribadernatal/status/550762697982099457
  307. using BBEdit .
  308. using BBEdit .
  309. using BBEdit .
  310. using BBEdit .
  311. using BBEdit .
  312. using BBEdit .
  313. using BBEdit .
  314. using BBEdit NovemberProjectSF's photo album “NPSF: Our Year in Photos”.
  315. using BBEdit .
  316. using BBEdit .
  317. 2010: notes on my site before Twitter 2013: @-replies 2015: faves before Twitter Join the #indieweb and #ownyourdata.

    using BBEdit. Twitter post 550924871661002752
  318. Began 2015 with music, dancing, friends, rooftop views, fireworks, hugs, thoughtful words, strength from vulnerability

    using BBEdit. Twitter post 550922662256852992