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  1. Tantek about to eat an It’s It after finishing the Double Dipsea race, trees, other runners, and race tents behind himPerry and Tantek near the Double Dipsea race start, Tantek behind the yellow ribbon, race starting area behind themTantek selfie behind a bunch of other guys preparing to start their wave at the Double Dipsea raceTantek grinning, running, after having just crossed a bridge in the enchanted forestTantek kicking hard at the Double Dipsea finish line, under a red, white, & blue archTantek stopping his running watch just after crossing the Double Dipsea finish lineFinished my second #DoubleDipsea #race yesterday in 3:56:17!
    Goals achieved:
    ✅ Finished strong
    ✅ Beat last year’s time by 3+ minutes, finished 615th of 706, and in time for an It’s It! (1). Started minutes before pal Perry (2 📷 Lily), at the back of my age group (3), knowing I’d start slow to warm-up.

    The blanket of fog kept the sun off us, and made for surreal views. The mist was so thick in the forest that it rained. Swept through the Cardiac hill aid-station with only a brief stop to top off my water, and dove into the downhill. Everything felt faster this time, set my second fastest time down the Dipsea stairs, despite having to thread between other descenders, and those making their way up. Turn right-around at the Mill Valley aid-station cones without stopping, heard someone yell my bib number.

    The Dipsea stairs ascent was hard, pushing to take them two at a time. Got passed by a few of the folks I’d passed on the way down, who I’d pass again on the final climb to Cardiac. Refilled my water bottle at the top and popped in a Nuun tablet. Ate a couple of salty potato chips, and drank two half-paper-cups of Coca-Cola (which tasted way better than I expected). Checked my watch and sped-off, knowing I’d have to push to finish under 4 hours.

    Felt great cruising down the still foggy trails and through the enchanted forest. I was happy to see the photographer after the bridge (4 📷  Andrew Ng). Kept picking up the pace as much as I could, and passing many more runners up Insult hill and down towards Stinson Beach. Across the road and on the last bit of pavement, I saw a runner about 100 yards in front of me. He must have heard me because he turned around and picked up his pace. Pushed hard anyway, didn’t catch him, still kicked strong to the finish (5 📷  Monica Zorman). Stopped my watch just after (6 📷  Monica Zorman), and caught my breath which read just over four hours. Only after walking back around the finish and seeing the clock read 3:57 and change did I realize I’d forgotten about the handicap adjustment. I’d beaten my time from last year!

    #dserunners #optoutside #getoutside #raceeverything #trail #runners #run #trails #runner #trailrun #Dipsea #50ktraining #fitstrongfierce #Stinsonbeach #Marin #California #yestergram #latergram #nofilter #2019_166

    Photos from CrowdPic:
    * 4 https://www.crowdpic.com/Double-Dipsea-2019?photographerId=5268&photoId=597037
    * 5 https://www.crowdpic.com/Double-Dipsea-2019?photographerId=7512&photoId=601506
    * 6 https://www.crowdpic.com/Double-Dipsea-2019?photographerId=7512&photoId=601508
    Previously, previously:
    * https://tantek.com/2019/071/t2/signed-up-doubledipsea
    * https://tantek.com/2018/168/t1/finished-first-doubledipsea

  2. Excited to announce that @JackyAlcine will speak on Making the IndieWeb for All @IndieWebSummit 2019! (https://v2.jacky.wtf/post/942cb7b0-edef-4b38-b3d0-8c432f68c1b4)

    He is https://jacky.wtf/ the independent developer & creator of Koype for the #IndieWeb.

    Sign-up: https://2019.indieweb.org/summit

  3. Happy to announce @Kitt will be speaking on “On Contractions & Expansions” @IndieWebSummit 2019!

    Kitt is a brilliant developer, prolific writer, photographer, and posts at https://ki.tt/

    Join us in two weeks!


  4. I didn’t think you could make half-baked toast, yet here we are

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  6. ↳ In reply to @janl’s tweet @janl Thank you for writing both of these (and your patience with those of us who didn’t see them until today 🙈). Spot on and I may re-use them in about 19 & 26 days. #IndieWebSummit

  7. ↳ In reply to @janl’s tweet @janl @indiewebcamp @slsoftworks @mountain_ghosts
    Grateful for your work, and appreciate differences in YT experiences & trade-offs.

    Consider also uploading to @internetarchive, or allowing others to do so and link to a non-YT alternative. Thanks 🙏🏻

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  9. ↳ In reply to @philiprenich’s tweet @philiprenich beautiful. Plenty of greens there, some nice blues & oranges too. 🙌🏼

  10. ↳ In reply to @janl’s tweet @janl @indiewebcamp @slsoftworks @mountain_ghosts
    Was this 2016 or before?

    2019: YouTube algo is launching people's conspiracy theories, misogyny, & racism careers: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/06/08/technology/youtube-radical.html

    It rarely promotes sensible content, so why bother posting to it?

  11. ↳ In reply to @janl’s tweet @slsoftworks yes #Archive.org is great!
    @IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf we posted 100% of session videos to @InternetArchive https://indieweb.org/2019/D%C3%BCsseldorf/Schedule#Saturday
    @janl not trivial, yet also not complicated
    @mountain_ghosts yes we can stop posting to YouTube.

    Aside: The Internet Archive’s video pages need #mediafragment support, e.g. #t=300 on the end of URL to cue up the video player to start playing 5 minutes into the video.

  12. @imogenheap nice meeting you @MozSF & thanks @brianbehlendorf for introducing us!
    Appreciated Creative Passport focus on empowering makers — we’re hosting IndieWeb Summit @MozPDX June 29-30 https://2019.indieweb.org/summit for independent creators of all kinds!

  13. View of the Marin Headlands from Miwok north of Tennessee ValleyView from Coyote Ridge of the Marin Headlands with just the tip of San Francisco’s skyline peaking above.View from Coyote Ridge of Mt Tam under a blue skyCoastal trail forking into Fox and Coastal trails, Marin Headlands in the background, with a bit of downtown San Francisco peeking above, and Sutra tower just left of centerTennessee Beach looking north to the red brown rocky hillTennessee Beach with blue skies, blue ocean, and white surfLooking down, standing on a coarse sandy beach with ocean surf lapping red trail shoesRocky hill to the south of Tennessee Beach with just a bit of green on topLagoon ringed with green, amber hill behind it dotted with bushes, Pacific ocean in the distanceSunlight glistening on a lagoon, light green bushes in the foreground, dark green bushes on the hill in the back10+ miles at #SFRC today. #screentime vs #greentime. Have you gone outside today and filled your view with #green? (Hey @btconf friends!) It’s too easy when you’re tired, to just stay inside, going through screenfuls.

    Flew back from Toronto last night, woke up at 06:00, awake, but tired. Picked up some coffee, and drove solo to #SFRC. Felt ok at the very start, yet awful just half a mile in. Kept pushing to the Tennessee Valley parking lot for a quick pit stop. Gathered myself and took off up #Miwok, feeling exhausted after 100 meters or so. Took deeper breaths, appreciated the sunshine, the blue skies, tried to distract myself with the nice green views(1).

    Made it to the Miwok cut-off and decided I wasn’t doing the full SFRC route. Deciding to cut it short provided enough of a sense of relief to push extra hard the rest of the way to Coyote Ridge. Felt encouraged by the oncoming trail runners. After they passed I heard mountain bikers creeping up behind me, on a narrow single-track with a cliff off to the left? What were they thinking? I hate to admit I was annoyed; focused it all into breathing and leaping up the trail faster than they could crank their low gears. Made it back to the main Miwok trail, breathing hard, and let them pass now that there was room to do so.

    Ran up Coyote Ridge to the top and took in the views of the South, tips of the #SanFrancisco skyline poking up behind the #MarinHeadlands(2), and the North, clear views of #MtTam(3). Inspired, ran down Coyote Ridge to Fox in personal record time.

    Paused at the Fox and Coastal fork(4), unsure which to take. Drawn to the sea, I ran down Coastal toward the beach. Tennessee Beach was so beautiful, blue sky gradients contrasting the red brown rocks to the north(5), bands of blue ocean and frothy surf to the west(6), rising up the coarse sandy shore(7). There was still a bit of green left on the hills to the south(8).

    #Running back along the valley trail, I looked back to admire the lagoon ringed by lush greenery, the Pacific in the distance(9). As I turned, the sunlight glistening on the water caught my eye(10).

    #Marin #trails #trailrun #trail #run #runner #50ktraining #optoutside #getoutside #fitstrongfierce #California #nofilter

  14. 👍 to issue 16 of GitHub project “h-entry”

  15. ↳ In reply to issue 3853 of GitHub project “csswg-drafts” Would this page/post be considered "sepia"?


    If I could I would use prefers-color-scheme: sepia for that page.

  16. 👍 to issue 3853 of GitHub project “csswg-drafts”

  17. ↳ In reply to @domenic’s tweet @domenic @tabatkins Google the company *already* effectively rebranded, into Alphabet
    while Google Search stayed with then sans-serif logo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_logo#History.
    Perhaps send more logo ideas to these folks: https://design.google.com/library/evolving-google-identity/

  18. ↳ In reply to @tabatkins’s tweet @tabatkins @domenic yes, mostly.
    For more details, published 2019-05-28:
    and last year: https://blog.mozilla.org/opendesign/evolving-the-firefox-brand/ (in particular System 2). #firefox #evolving #brand #identity #masterbrand #browser #icon #design

  19. Tantek and Hannah sitting on top of Mt. Tam, bushes and rocks right behind them, clouds and hills below in the distance, partially visible San Francisco building tops poking through thick fog in the far distanceTemelpa trailhead, trees and grass a mix of green and dull yellowThin stretched clouds drape across a partly blue sky, over a fog covered San Francisco in the distance, hills and clouds below, a bush and few boulders in the foregroundThe sun shining through an upper cloud layer, high above distant mountain peaks, themselves poking through lower clouds, a partially visible bay, and nearer hills, bushes and a rocky outcropping in the foregroundTantek standing, mud and scrapes on left leg and right shin, standing on asphalt
    #trailtuesdaythrowback to #running up (and down) Mt. Tam almost two weeks ago with pal Hannah (1). The #trails are not (2) as green as they were two months ago (tantek.com/t4zc1). After an 88:31 climb (tied my 2nd fastest time) to Mt. Tam’s East peak summit, I could barely see the tiny San Francisco skyline poking through a thick fog blanket (3). Looking East the sun was rising far above the horizon, already well on its way at 7:30am (4).

    Chasing Hannah back down the hill was faster than a month ago, setting a PR on the first 1.6 miles of steep technical descent. With a gentler downhill, Hannah ran ahead and disappeared. I settled into a good rhythm and pace of my own, having become more familiar with these trails.

    While enjoying the Tenderfoot trail forest, I noticed the ground felt squishier from the recent rains. The trail narrowed with a hill on one side and ravine on the other. Suddenly the earth gave way under my right foot, I felt my lower body start to rotate and fall downward in slow motion, impact the side of the ravine, and start sliding.

    I remember thinking, how far am I going to slide, followed shortly by, I have to stop! I spun to press against the hill, threw my arms up, dug my hands & fingers into the soft earth, slowing and stopping the slide. Took a few seconds to realize what happened, spit out some mud, and balance myself against the side of the hill to look up.

    I’d slid ~20-30 feet down into the ravine. Nothing felt broken. I looked down and couldn't really see how far down I’d have to go. Looking back up I pressed against the nearly vertical earth for extra grip while I climbed up one limb at a time, holding on and pressing gently downward with the other three. Made it back up to the trail. Collected myself, scraped most of the mud off my body and water bottle, wiping off the top so I could drink what was left. Another self-inspection, lots of scrapes from left forearm, to thigh, and knee which was bleeding but didn’t hurt. Shock, I’m sure.

    Ran down the rest of the trail, and onto Cascade road. I could start to feel the dirt stinging in my skin. Made it back to Equator coffee in downtown Mill Valley where Hannah was waiting. She checked to make sure I was ok, then took a photo at my request (5). Not pictured: my forearms muddy from elbow to wrist.

    After wiping off a bit more, I drove us back to the city, went home, and scrubbed off all the mud & dirt in the shower. Scrapes & bruises, nothing broken, nothing sprained.

    Despite the fall, I set my second fastest time for the Mt. Tam Loop.

    Still learning to fall, still learning to get (crawl) back up and keep running.

    #MountTam #Marin #trail #trailrun #run #TemelpaTrail #MtTamEastPeak #50ktraining #optoutside #getoutside #befierce #pushyourself #facethemountain #trailrash #fitstrongfierce #nofilter #latergram #20190523

  20. ↳ In reply to issue 3821 of GitHub project “csswg-drafts” Please also add a :buffering (or :waiting) pseudo-class distinct from :stalled, at the same time as adding :stalled.

    Use-case: showing loading/buffering spinner, often with a %, e.g. on Netflix.

    I’d like to see :buffering defined similar to :stalled https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/media.html#event-media-stalled, however with the key difference that data *is* forthcoming. Similar to how the waiting event is defined: https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/media.html#event-media-waiting

    Alternatively I'd be ok with a :waiting pseudo-class that maps to the waiting event/definition (might be simpler for the platform / web-developers if we "just" do/keep a direct mapping of the pseudo-class to an existing HTML event name).

    I do think it is important to add :buffering (or :waiting) at the same time as adding :stalled, in order to avoid having :stalled be errantly overloaded by implementers and/or web developers to handle the buffering use-case.

  21. 👍 to issue 3821 of GitHub project “csswg-drafts”

  22. Cameron, David Baron, Emilio, and Tantek arranging actual physical tables in the main meeting room at Mozilla TorontoConference tables laid out in a U-shape face the front of the room with podium, a row of standing tables behind, and couches off to one side#Mozilla’s @davidbaron asked @heycam @ecbos_ and me (@t) to help him with table layout (1).

    And the finished result (2).

    @MozToronto preparing for this week’s @CSSWG meeting. #CSS #Tables #TableLayout

  23. Deep green valley dotted with trees, bay and mountains in the distanceDense trees below the trail and up to the next hill, bay and a bridge in the distanceWave breaking at Muir Beach under overcast skiesLooking down shorts and trail shoes standing on the beach, the surf recedingLooking up Marincello trail, grass on both sides, trees on the left side and in the distance9 days ago, 13+ miles & 2500' at the final May #SFRC #trailrun. May had many ups & downs, emotionally & literally like this #run. Started at Tennessee Valley, ran up Miwok to beautiful green valley views (1) and distant bridges (2). Turned left onto Dias Ridge, ran freely downhill til I tripped & fell.

    Somehow reacted quickly enough to roll towards the grassy edge, scraping only my right hand on gravel. Immediately got back up and kept running. Reached #Muirbeach (3), touched the #surf (4). Ran back up Coastal, down Fox, to the parking lot, just short of 13. Ran up #Marincello to finish my #trail #halfmarathon (5).

    Tough but solid just two days after a Tam run, during which I also fell (down a ravine!) but that's another story.

    #Marin #trails #runner #50ktraining #optoutside #getoutside #fitstrongfierce #MarinHeadlands #California #20190525 #latergram #nofilter

  24. Winding Miwok cut-off single-track trail with a hill on the left, and drop-off on the right, fog shrouded trees and hills in the distanceLooking downhill on green bushes which disappear into a thick fogLooking back down Fox trail as it disappears into the fogLooking up Fox trail as it disappears into the fog☁️⛰☁️ Summer is coming. 10+ miles of #SFRC #trailrun this morning under and through thick #fog. Miwok cut-off trail (1) with fog above, ahead, and below (2). Fox trail at the start: looking back downhill (3) and looking ahead uphill (4) appear similar thanks to fog blocking the sky and any distant hills. Temperatures lower than usual. Our #SanFrancisco summer is coming.

    #Marin #trail #run #trails #runner #50ktraining #optoutside #getoutside #fitstrongfierce #MarinHeadlands #California #nofilter

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  26. ↳ In reply to @TrevorFSmith’s tweet @TrevorFSmith 1 year later notification from your like!
    @Timoni #IndieWeb folks are building & using their sites as memexes, with unique personal features.
    Twitter is not anyone’s memex but theirs; we POSSE copies there to invite others to explore ours.

  27. ↳ In reply to @4sqSupport’s tweet @4sqSupport thanks for your work! Many of my May 15-17 checkins were with friends. Could it be possible to reconstruct my checkins from theirs?
    And yes swag! I’m still a big @Foursquare fan!
    Got any @SwarmApp Weasley clocks https://twitter.com/aaronpk/status/684226935606517765? :)

  28. ↳ In reply to @carolstran’s tweet @carolstran @oetseli yes it was so good! Thank you for both bars of chocolate!

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  30. @SwarmApp @Foursquare update:
    2 weeks after my account was mysteriously deleted: @4sqSupport restored all but profile photo & last 3 days (May 15-17) checkins, unrecoverable per eng. team. Still unknown: how/why deletion happened, were others deleted?

  31. The @W3C Needs You: Please Vote For Change In The @W3CAB Election

    (as is customary for W3C), is the deadline for voting.

    Please Vote in the 2019 W3C Advisory Board Election (W3C Member-only link, only Advisory Committee members can vote).

    My fellow Advisory Board (AB) candidates and additional members of the W3C Community have shared their thoughts on the AB election, some on their blogs, and some on W3C Member only list(s).

    It is very important that you explicitly rank candidates according to what is most important to you due to the way the current W3C STV mechanism is interpreted and implemented by the W3C Team. Past STV elections have shown that a Ranked 1 vote is crucial to candidates, Ranked 2 may have some impact, and the likelihood of effect drops off precipitously from there (though you should still rank at least a few more, ideally all candidates, just in case).

    I’ve previously stated why I think W3C is facing several existential crises, how I will do my best to help W3C during this crucial time of transition, and thus ask for your Ranked 1 vote:

    The AB has seven open spots in this election, so I will recommend six others for your consideration of a Ranked 1 vote.

    Each of these candidates has many strengths, I am highlighting just one or two, depending on what may be most important to help steer the W3C in the next two years. Each of these candidates has many more strengths. Ordered by those with their own posts/blogs first (then by full name).

    If web developer perspective is most important to you, choose Aaron Gustafson as Ranked 1

    Aaron has worked as a profession web developer, written several well regarded books on web development, and spoken with & taught numerous web developers. Of all candidates he brings the most modern and most aware perspective of what matters to web developers today on the web, and what standards the W3C must prioritize in order to better serve today and tomorrow’s web development community, the community that builds the web you and I depend on day-to-day. Read his blog post for more

    If experience is most important to you, choose Chris Wilson as Ranked 1

    Chris Wilson has been working on the web for over 25 years, more than any other candidate. He has written code in web browsers, written specifications, chaired working groups, and served for five years on the Advisory Board. He has more experience, and a broader perspective, across more companies essential to the evolution of the web, than any other canidate. See his post for more

    If bold directness & standing up to W3C Management is most important to you, choose Elika Etemad as Ranked 1

    I have had the good fortune of working with Elika (AKA fantasai) for numerous years in the CSS Working Group, have seen her contribute to invited W3C Advisory Board discussions, and Advisory Committee meetings as well. She always brings a well considered, often bold, and always direct perspective. She brings a strength of commitment that is inspiring and I believe necessary to represent the needs of the web community especially when such needs require standing up to W3C Management. This will be an essential skill during W3C’s upcoming transitions. Read her blog post for more

    If accessibility is most important to you, choose Léonie Watson as Ranked 1

    I have had the good fortune to work with Léonie Watson during my past tenure on the Advisory Board. She has consistently brought a diverse and inclusive perspective in all our matters, especially making sure the AB was aware of accessibility implications of any number of policy decisions. Read her blog for more

    If consensus building is most important to you, choose Alan Stearns as Ranked 1

    I have also had the good fortune of working with Alan Stearns for many years. He has been an extremely effective chair of the CSS Working Group, a very large and diverse set of individuals with a variety of backgrounds, interests, and priorities, that is also extremely prolific. He has demonstrated time & time again that when there is conflict, he is able to mediate a dialog to find common ground, find fair ways to resolve differences, or often get parties to defer when progress can be made regardless.

    If Chinese standards efforts representation is most important to you, choose Judy (Hongru) Zhu as Ranked 1

    While I was on the Advisory Board, I got to know Judy and very much appreciate her participation. She brought key insights with regards to the interactions of global standards efforts, especially with standards efforts in China. I believe these insights have helped the governance of W3C, and W3C’s goals of producing truly global standards.

    Thank you Natasha and Mike

    Huge thanks to Advisory Board incumbents Natasha and Mike for their service. I am glad I got a chance to work with Natasha and Mike on the AB. Natasha provided a refreshing perspective and I hope she considers running for the AB in the future. Mike has served on the AB for a very long time, and demonstrated the ability to actively evolve the AB, the W3C, and forge a productive relationship with the WHATWG (as noted in the recenty announced MoU). Both Mike and Natasha set good examples for whoever is next elected to the AB.

    Please vote!

    Go Vote in the 2019 W3C Advisory Board Election (W3C Member-only link, only Advisory Committee members can vote).

    If you have already voted, thank you for voting. If you have not, please take the few minutes to do so. In either case please consider the above candidates for their strengths and consider (re)ranking accordingly. Thank you for your consideration.

  32. New issue on GitHub project “bridgy”

    Bridgy publish to GitHub should turn profile URL links into mentions

    When using Bridgy publish to GitHub, GitHub is smart enough to recognize issue links and repo links and provide short versions of them inline. However it fails to do so for profile URLs for some reason, just shows the full profile URL link instead of a mention, and does not notify the user mentioned.

    It would be great if Bridgy Publish to GitHub (issues, comments) could recognize GitHub profile URL links of the form github.com followed by username, e.g. https://github.com/snarfed and turn them into the profile mention equivalent, e.g. @snarfed which I think also has the advantage that it will notify that GitHub user of that mention.

    Recent real world Bridgy Publish example what would have benefited from this: https://github.com/chrisdavidmills/mdn-and-frameworks/issues/1#issuecomment-497395828

    Labels: publish

  33. ↳ In reply to issue 1 of GitHub project “mdn-and-frameworks” https://github.com/flaki your understanding is correct. microformats2 (specifically microformats.org/wiki/h-entry for a https://indieweb.org/reply ) would work well to mark-up such useful asides and other notes / comments regarding MDN pages, notifying those pages using Webmention, and handling them accordingly via moderation etc.

    How those asides or notes are displayed on the MDN page is up to the design of the MDN page.

    In addition Webmention also allows for easily submitting updates to such asides, notes, and comments and having them handled automatically for accepted submissions, or again via a moderation step.

  34. 👍 to issue 1 of GitHub project “mdn-and-frameworks”

  35. Homebrew Website Club SF!

    When: Where: Mozilla San Francisco Host: Tantek Çelik

    17:30: Optional writing hour and socializing
    18:30: IndieWeb demos and hack night!

    Homebrew Website Club retro 1980s-style logo

    Topics for this week:

    Join a community with like-minded interests. Bring friends that want a personal site, or are interested in a healthy, independent web!

    Any questions? Ask in #indieweb Slack or IRC

    More information: IndieWeb Wiki Event Page

    RSVP: post an indie RSVP on your own site!

  36. ↳ In reply to a comment on issue 152 of GitHub project “standards-positions” > TL;DR is that SMS is, in fact, more than a tiny bit better than nothing

    I read the post.

    It has six occurences of the phrase "recovery phone number" (not "second factor phone number" which would have been better), and yet no mention of all the published counter-evidence to date of SMS account recovery making things *worse* for (especially targeted) users. E.g.

    * https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2016/08/nist_is_no_long.html
    * https://techcrunch.com/2016/07/25/nist-declares-the-age-of-sms-based-2-factor-authentication-over/
    * https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/21/business/dealbook/phone-hack-bitcoin-virtual-currency.html
    * https://twitter.com/justin/status/883171036283285508
    * https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/vbqax3/hackers-sim-swapping-steal-phone-numbers-instagram-bitcoin
    * https://techcrunch.com/2018/11/15/millions-sms-text-messages-leaked-two-factor-codes/
    * https://twitter.com/hillbrad/status/1004040328150540288
    * https://twitter.com/cooncesean/status/1130493867734605824
    * ... etc.

    Also omitted: the fact that when users turn on SMS 2FA, services in general (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, Paypal, even Apple ID) also enable SMS account recovery, thus making their users *more* vulnerable to targeted attacks.

    I have personally known friends (with short / firstname usernames on various services) who have been targeted and had accounts stolen.

    I think it’s irresponsible to be recommending (or reducing the barriers to) SMS user-flows that default users into SMS account recovery, and especially irresponsible to be pretending it doesn’t exist as a problem by not mentioning it (in particular SIM swaps) despite even the New York Times documenting it almost two years ago, and NIST deprecating it almost three years ago.

    In addition the "% of users affected" or "% of attacks stopped" metrics are not really good measures here. Steering users to adopt SMS account recovery is the equivalent of planting thousands+ of seeds, for which attackers only have to wait until a few of those accounts grow enough value to be ripe for targeted harvesting.

  37. I Am Running For The @W3C Advisory Board (@W3CAB)

    I am running for the W3C Advisory Board (AB). If you work on or care about open web standards, I am asking you, and in particular your W3C Advisory Committee representative, to vote me for as their #1 vote (due to the way the current W3C STV mechanism is interpreted and implemented by the W3C Team).

    The web community depends on W3C as a key venue for open web standards development. We are in a period of transition and existential risks for W3C (detailed in my official Advisory Board nomination statement). I bring both the experience (served on the AB for five years, 20+ years of first-hand standards work at W3C), and the boldness (created and drove numerous open reforms) necessary to work with an Advisory Board committed to modernizing W3C into a form that continues to support pragmatic & responsive open standards development.

    There are many highly qualified candidates running for the W3C Advisory Board in this election, with a variety of strengths and abilities.

    I believe the most important issue for this election is the active modernization of W3C to both avoid its existential risks and hopefully refocus on its best qualities, providing an even better venue for modern open web standards development.

    Now more than ever we need an active Advisory Board composed of individuals who have demonstrated that they are bold web-doers that can actively drive change at the W3C. This means they must both have experience with editing & shipping broadly applicable specifications at W3C (ideally also experience with W3C processes), and have shown the initiative to teach themselves to pragmatically first-hand use the technologies of the web itself to express their work, i.e. using their own websites.

    There are (currently) four additional AB candidates that have such experience and actively use the web itself to do their work. I encourage you to read their blog posts (or blogs in general) and vote for them as well:

    1. Chris Wilson (Google)
    2. Aaron Gustafson (Microsoft)
    3. Elika Etemad (AKA fantasai, W3C Invited Expert)
    4. Léonie Watson (TetraLogical)

    The deadline for votes is .

    Please Vote in the 2019 W3C Advisory Board Election (W3C Member-only link, only Advisory Committee members can vote) for myself (preferably as "Ranked 1"), and at least the other abovementioned candidates (Ranked 2 through Ranked 5) in an order according to who you think has the experience, capabilities, and will to actively collaborate and drive positive changes at the W3C. Thank you for your consideration.

  38. Homebrew Website Club SF!

    When: Where: Mozilla San Francisco Host: Tantek Çelik

    17:30: Optional writing hour and socializing
    18:30: IndieWeb demos and hack night!

    Homebrew Website Club retro 1980s-style logo

    Topics for this week:

    Join a community with like-minded interests. Bring friends that want a personal site, or are interested in a healthy, independent web!

    Any questions? Ask in #indieweb Slack or IRC

    More information: IndieWeb Wiki Event Page

    RSVP: post an indie RSVP on your own site!

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