1. interesting: "a large trove of documents ... C.I.A. ... beginning to go through it" http://j.mp/nytsfr longlink: https://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/03/world/asia/osama-bin-laden-dead.html

  2. watched nephew #1 do quite well in the local schools' juniors (K-3) chess tournament (3-1 over last year's 1-3).

  3. once again making plans for Portland and Poland (last year http://ttk.me/t46Y2) 1 roundtrip flight planned. 1 to plan.

  4. mom came along too. nice 6 mile walk/jog in the nearby hills. yet even LA wilderness air is dirtier than SF city air.

  5. going out for a run with dad. 17 days til #baytobreakers.

  6. Update: @zephoria's Tumblr URL restored, but what about lesser-known folks? Join us @IndieWebCamp in two months: IndieWebCamp.com: June 25-26 in Portland, Oregon, right after opensourcebridge.org (@OSBridge). See also: tantek.com/2011/010/b1/owning-your-data and indiewebcamp.com/Why.

  7. If it can happen to @zephoria it can happen to you "Tumblr disappeared me" http://j.mp/zepzap #indieweb longurl: http://www.zephoria.org/thoughts/archives/2011/04/27/tumblr-disappeared-me.html

  8. Must not fall asleep on Caltrain listening to Inception soundtrack, must not fall asleep... Oh no, how did I get here?

  9. my 1st "forgot to tag-off post-Caltrain-disembarking" = Clipper balance -$10.50. If I dump it for a new card? Strongly dislike it when the digital interface (Clipper card) is a noticeably worse UX (two required steps) than the paper interface (one step - buy a ticket).

  10. watching @BarackObama Town Hall @Facebook http://j.mp/whfbth spotted @daveman692 @aubs in the audience! longurl: http://www.whitehouse.gov/photos-and-video/video/2011/04/20/facebook-town-hall-president-obama

  11. bicycling back from the Mission = second wind.

  12. not that I'll actually *talk* to her. that's besides the point. and she's moving. but here's @benward and @dsingleton!

  13. in minutes: cute hipster girl with glasses, tie, cardigan, android and book asks if she can share the table. #adjusted

  14. after England adventures, finding the crowd at Four Barrel decidedly plain, slobby, unsatisfying. superb lattes still.

  15. OH: "Try the new and improved Soma™. Side effects may include hypnosis, song, and mild dystopia."

  16. just finished an interview with @benhamamoto of @IFTF about the post-phone future (I used iPod-touch+Skype+MiFi in UK)

  17. @where20: "Groupon Now" announced, solves the "where do we go to lunch?" at work problem. But will it make us healthy?

  18. @where20: OH: "... 1 in 50 - and if I do my math right, that's 1%" (same speaker as previous quote) - Ouch.

  19. @where20: OH: "We found men buy more when they have a woman friend with them. So we encourage them to bring a guest."

  20. @where20 really enjoyed @jewelia's "location is dead" vs "long live location" examples. I want my own personal Watson!

  21. "God-willing, this [iPad app] will be available in the next few weeks, where god is Steve Jobs." – @ben_fry @where20

  22. Wow! @mg just announced @where20 that places data returned from @SimpleGeo APIs is CC0 as of today. #openplaces #geo

  23. asked @caseorganic @aaronpk @ dinner: PETA today METH tomorrow? (Machines for the Ethical Treatment of Humans) #skynet

  24. asks @commanda: @t... your bathroom... http://canv.as/p/2yj3m#138392 ? Yes! My first tile artwork. Flickr photo: http://flic.kr/p/76CVY5 http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2469/4001928664_d5b4bdf7e2_b.jpg in-reply-to: twitter.com/commanda/status/60485060255694848

  25. a year ago today: I caught a lost dove http://flic.kr/p/8Qi1n9, walked down the street bird-in-hand, released it into a park.

  26. London, Brighton, thanks for good times, adventures, and a very informative @UXLondon. Boarded and heading back to SF.

  27. The full Twitter help chain for tonight's save: Brighton -> PDX -> NYC -> Brighton.

  28. Thanks to @Cennydd for saving the night! All set in Brighton (1:40 BST) Thanks for the tips/retweets everyone.

  29. Help needed. Stuck in Brighton (0:57 BST) without a place to stay (key fail) - any hotel suggestions? (usuals full)

  30. @UXLondon yesterday: enjoyed superb workshops: @sunnibrown's Graphic Facilitation, @louisrosenfeld's Design to Refine.

  31. @UXLondon: thanks everyone who came to the upgrading web UIs lunch. Follow and @-mention @css3ui for more suggestions!

  32. @UXLondon: interested in native-looking UI and upgrading UIs on the Web? Join me (@t) at lunch now to discuss CSS3-UI.

  33. @UXLondon: @moleitau: "The best way to complain is to make things." - James Murphy, LCD Soundsystem. Brilliant closer.

  34. BTW Twitter search is sucking @UXLondon. I'm using Google real-time search instead: http://j.mp/uxsgrt longlink: https://encrypted.google.com/search?hl=en&biw=1052&bih=537&tbm=mbl&q=uxlondon+OR+uxlon+OR+uxldn&aq=f&aqi=m1

  35. @UXLondon and @moleitau released a Roomba into the room. went under stage. I put a glass on it. it ran over a laptop. assistant immediately walked over, turned it off, and put it away. lesson: any misbehavior and you get switched off! this, after @moleitau showed us the Episode 4 scene of the Jawas selling the droids to illustrate robots being treated as slaves for sake of empathizing with them. #irony.

  36. @UXLondon aside: Minority Report UI is specialized: fast real-time immersive search used only for seconds not workday.

  37. @UXLondon: @moleitau made everyone stand up, hold their arms out, demonstrating flaw of Minority Report UI. #strawman!

  38. @UXLondon: @moleitau on stage in CYBERDYNE tshirt, jeans, colorful socks.. opens with ISO OSI stack?! #frontrow #uxlon

  39. @UXLondon: thoroughly enjoyed @katerutter talk. was paying too much attention to write tweetbites. took photos. #uxlon

  40. @UXLondon before lunch: UX vs Service Design (SD) comparisons confused me. Seems more like SD is just part of good UX.

  41. @UXLondon: "Outsourcing your user research is like outsourcing your vacation." - @jmspool quoted by @KimGoodwin #uxlon

  42. @UXLondon: really appreciating @KimGoodwin's use of real world case studies to illustrate points. Was getting annoyed at platitudes/generalizations from previous speakers that sounded more like folk wisdom than science. Have heard too much of that across too many fields for too many years to take such hand-waving seriously, regardless of reputation or personal success of the speaker. Refreshing to hear things from @KimGoodwin like "proper analysis of the data" and recommending simple first-hand user research techniques to invoke empathy in product developers.

  43. @UXLondon: @louisrosenfeld wants to ban "redesign", replace it with "refine". 90% agreed, iterate/evolve FTW. However, sometimes a redesign is necessary, e.g. you can't refine a pile of crap into something beautiful. Whether visual, interaction, experience or otherwise, advocating such an absolutist "no redesigns" position is a bit narrow-minded / throwing-baby-out-with-the-bathwater IMHO. Much better would be to explain both *why* refining is more appropriate in general *and* some specific cases *when* a redesign is likely to be necessary.

  44. @UXLondon: tired of captions + stock art, but appreciated Alan Cooper's concepts, illustrative captions+videos slides.

  45. Eager to absorb 3 days of #UX goodness. Prefixing coverage with @UXLondon. Follow to see my #uxlondon tweets. Alternatively just view fresher, longer, and updated originals on tantek.com.

  46. Happy 1st official International Day of Human Space Flight http://www.un.org/News/Press/docs//2011/ga11066.doc.htm #UN

  47. Navigation arrows: always back to the past and forward to the future. Back to the Future is a movie, not a UI pattern.

  48. requesting @adactio's assistance in the matter of toast.

  49. previous/next arrowkey buttons tamed (@falcon) http://j.mp/uaknp. Unicode icons tip: font-family:Courier New, monospace; longurl: http://dribbble.com/shots/147165-2011-101-Falcon-previous-next-arrow-buttons

  50. Nicely done @ZDNetUK, fairly accurate quotes, @t on #H264 at #w2e #HTML5 Now talk http://j.mp/zdukh5 longurl: http://www.zdnet.co.uk/blogs/500-words-into-the-future-10014052/a-few-key-questions-about-html5-video-10022196/ and related session URLs: plancast.com/p/4kym lanyrd.com/sdpcr tantek.com/presentations/2011/03/html5-now

  51. Wonderful Brighton day. Lovely co-working @Clearleft, English pie+pint @ Constant Service, @adactio @wordridden hosts.

  52. says @anildash: "folks there [#linkedgov] might be interested in @ThinkUpApp's CSV" I am! Links to examples or a spec?

  53. good times #linkedgov @hackcamp (+drinks+dinner) @cbetta @mseckington @johannakoll @kevinprince @hadleybeeman @baskers @glynwintle et al!

  54. Skype, with family/friends across 3 other timezones (video 2/3), with iPod + 3UK mifi/3G. I <3 the #future present.

  55. sage advice for building/testing autonomous robots: "always remove the batteries when you're done" #linkedgov #skynet.

  56. dropped by #LinkedGov @HackCamp, analyzing real-world CSV files for translation to semantic #HTML5+@microformats #uf2

  57. Our team "Justice League" won first of 36 teams in The Go Game! http://instagr.am/p/C3mYw #mozilla #vegas photo: images.instagram.com/media/2011/04/05/7984f517337c453a934f831089c6cb22_7.jpg The Justice League with First Place trophy, middle of the table.

  58. "We must deconstruct the silos of control" @EdwardNorton, Mozilla allhands mtg. http://instagr.am/p/C1aF_ photo: images.instagram.com/media/2011/04/04/f7a6cd7ef2a645868a0433a24082ed90_7.jpg We're on it, sir.

  59. too much coffee. laundry. organic granola strawberries and soy milk for dinner. Newton's 3rd law of attention. Sunday.

  60. among lessons learned @SXSW 2011: letting go of expectations of sustainable happiness, and actively embracing enjoying the present; always with kindness and respect of course, for those at least can be sustainably scaled.

  61. a moment to breathe. sitting on a couch, basking in skylight diffused mid-day sun, downtempo jazz gently wafts. #cttp

  62. In which I object to IANA HTML5 rel registry and explain @microformats work fine. http://j.mp/ianavsuf links: http://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/40318/issue-27-objection-poll/results and the poll itself: http://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/40318/issue-27-objection-poll/ (requires W3C member / invited expert login, you have until 9pm Pacific to answer).

  63. saving some power for the morning after. wondering if BlackBerry or Roomba (or both?) will awaken on schedule anyway.

  64. power outage in the Haight. suddenly, having a mifi, USB battery, practicing Always Be Charging comes in extra handy.

  65. drafted a simple @microformats rel registry summary based on existing-rel-values: http://ufs.cc/w/rel-registry #HTML5.

  66. In which I declare W3C should abandon bespoke licenses and re-use CC0 + OWFa instead. http://j.mp/w3cc0wfa link: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html/2011Apr/0000.html

  67. #W2E #HTML5NOW, HTML5 Controversies attendees: please rate+comment! http://j.mp/w2eh5n http://j.mp/w2eh5c links: http://www.web2expo.com/webexsf2011/public/schedule/detail/19758 http://www.web2expo.com/webexsf2011/public/schedule/detail/19987

  68. OWF http://openwebfoundation.org published final OWFa CLA 1.0 agreements! http://j.mp/owfa10 #openweb. longlink: http://www.openwebfoundation.org/announcements/owfaandcla10agreementspublished

  69. "I want it to be so easy, you don't have to think, you just write." @dom quotes @jack describing his Status idea. #w2e

  70. contrast 2 launches: Google +1 http://google.com/+1, Twitter Web Intents http://dev.twitter.com/pages/intents Twitter's documentation is both more skimmable (lots of examples as pictures) and more detailed (sample code and display guidelines right there on the top level page). Despite being quite familiar with the online/geeky culture of "+1", it looks and reads awkwardly, e.g. "Alison +1'd this"? It's obviously Google's "Like" button ala Facebook, so why not just call it that and commoditize "liking" on the web? Also makes me wonder: what would be a good method of implementing "Like" buttons and the respective "19 people liked this" text on the indieweb? However, there's enough user benefit to Twitter Web Intents that I'll likely implement it in @Falcon to see how it affects the UX and use that real world experience to figure out how distributed web intents could work (having your "likes" or "favorites" go directly to and displayed by your own website rather than a centralized site, and then perhaps syndicating/sharing those likes/favorites to such sites).

  71. #w2e @mojombo "don't make people jump through... hoops" Where is "ACCEPT PULL" button? #github re: http://ttk.me/t49d5

  72. Google person #w2e mini-keynote boring except Dubai QR code hotel: http://j.mp/dubqrcd #ugly #dystopia longlink: http://www.qrme.co.uk/qr-code-news/3-newsflash/190-dubai-qr-code-hotel.html now if it was a giant animated Game of Life that would be cool, like the classic Glider Gun: upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e5/Gospers_glider_gun.gif

  73. Building Trust Online @w2e - @Mickipedia rocking it. Game Theory audience volunteers demo/experiment. Neuropsych. #w2e

  74. OH: "The last time I had to roll my own [Linux] kernel to patch a Firewire driver I was done." - @slightlylate #w2e

  75. "On my personal website Firefox rules the world." - Douglas Crockford.com #w2e #browserwars #fx4 #firefox

  76. says @theanxy "check slide 38". So I added HTML5 pushState to S5 = #html5now automatic slide permalinks. Reload: http://tantek.com/presentations/2011/03/html5-now then arrow-key through slides and watch the URL bar update. Try the back button. Copy & paste a slide permalink into a new window and watch it load that specific slide. Since we're asking IE9 to add pushState support (ttk.me/t4B23), it only made sense to make good use of it ourselves.

  77. #w2e "Controversies of HTML5": Moscone West Alcove 4 - southwest corner of the 2nd floor. http://plancast.com/p/4kyp

  78. Dear @IE: please support HTML5 pushState in IE9.1! Other browsers support it, need it to fight #! URLs. #html5now #w2e

  79. posted slides from this morning's #w2e "HTML(5) NOW" talk: http://tantek.com/presentations/2011/03/html5-now #html5now

  80. speaking @w2e 9am HTML5 Now http://plancast.com/p/4kym, 11:10am Controversies of HTML5 http://plancast.com/p/4kyp #w2e

  81. sending parents the XKCD radiation graphics http://xkcd.com/radiation and somehow Gmail Goggles prematurely kicked in.

  82. says @aaronpk "like... using a colon to indicate more content", I added ":" in iterations 2-3, but insufficient: numerous smart design/ux-minded folks gave passionate feedback that just the presence of a clickable http link so strongly meant "more content" that they felt compelled to click it and were disappointed when there wasn't any. I need to better write-up my @Falcon permashortlink citation iterations. Notes for now: iteration 1) http permashortlink always at end, auto-preceded by ellipsis "..." to indicate more content. 2) added blog post tweets which use entry title ":" and shorter link. 3) improved auto-ellipsing: if long tweet truncated at a ":", no need for ellipsis. 4) added parentheses around a permashortlink without http for content copies per http://ttk.me/t4As3, re-using the common citation convention of parenthesizing the source, e.g. (ttk.me/t4B16). Lack of "http://" makes it both look like less of a link, and avoids auto-linking on Twitter.com. Now "more content" is indicated by a tweet ending with *either* an ellipsis or a colon *and* a complete clickable http link. Hopefully that's obvious enough for users to quickly "get" when there's more to see (or not). Note that colon truncation is semi-automatic: as the author of the post you have to consciously put a word and a colon near the end of the retweet character limit and the ellipse function finds it automatically. It's too hard to "auto-colon", and wouldn't work for arbitrary text content (whereas auto-ellipsing does work). in-reply-to: http://twitter.com/aaronpk/status/52462920600256512 http://aaron.pk/2DX

  83. says @kvanscha "future is a mystery", more a probability tree per Adjustment Bureau and Garden of Forking Paths: notebook interface showing a person's past and forking future possible paths: https://www.artofvfx.com/ADJUSTMENT_BUREAU/ADJUSTMENT_BUREAU_BD_VFX_03.jpg https://www.artofvfx.com/ADJUSTMENT_BUREAU/ADJUSTMENT_BUREAU_BD_VFX_05.jpg (images from http://www.artofvfx.com/?p=931) from the movie "Adjustment Bureau" (recommended) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Adjustment_Bureau. And the Garden of Forking Paths blackboard diagram (PNG image linked to SVG): https://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100519193046/flashforward/images/thumb/a/ab/Dyson_Frost%27s_Wall_Diagram.svg/800px-Dyson_Frost%27s_Wall_Diagram.svg.png https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/flashforward/images/a/ab/Dyson_Frost's_Wall_Diagram.svg (from https://flashforward.fandom.com/wiki/Dyson_Frost%27s_wall) from episode 17 of "Flash Forward" (B-rate sci-fi TV series with decent exploration of time/temporality/causality) https://www.hulu.com/watch/143503/flashforward-the-garden-of-forking-paths (went away, was available last in 2012: https://web.archive.org/web/20120706110755/http://www.hulu.com/watch/143503, and note: this episode has lots of spoilers if you prefer to watch a series from the start) in-reply-to: https://twitter.com/kvanscha/status/52417871917232128

  84. Android Calendar snaps via @markng show red line for "now" (better than iCal http://ttk.me/t4B13 ). screenshots: http://grab.by/9Jg1 grab.by/grabs/b692c742b0ac8928626770feca658094.png and http://grab.by/9Jg7 grab.by/grabs/c6f95ed93546628b525cd493cedf4858.png Obvious advantages over iCal's red dot indicator: 1) Android has a red line instead of grey line for "now", 2) in the "week" view, the red "now" line only appears on "today" rather than across every day of the week. UPDATE: see also @cwilso's screenshot of Google Calendar (gCal) week view which is similar to Android Calendar: http://twitpic.com/4ederx/full. UPDATE 2: see also @somnambulant Flickr photo of Outlook timeline marker: http://flic.kr/p/9u6Apa http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5053/5568807311_be96125a57_o.png Uses an orange glowing line (yellow highlights) in the hour labels column but apparently not across the display of the current day itself.

  85. re @markng Android, @somnambulant Outlook, @kevinmarks gCal. Pictures? Thanks @devonmitton @kroosh iCal red dot: http://yfrog.com/h0a17bp http://desmond.yfrog.com/Himg612/scaled.php?tn=0&server=612&filename=a17b.png&xsize=640&ysize=640&x=.png http://flic.kr/p/9u5XK1 http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5138/5568683994_6b9acacf4e_o.png The iCal red dot is cool, but the grey line that extends is both too subtle (gets lost in grid line noise), and is confusing when it extends to days other than today (e.g."now" is not Sunday, Mar 27 as shown). Also, the dot looks like a clickable affordance but doesn't seem to do anything when clicked. Feels half-designed. UPDATE: see also the Android Calendar screenshots from @markng: http://ttk.me/t4B14

  86. as maps have a "You Are Here" red dot, why don't calendar/timeline displays have a "You Are Now" red dot/square/line?

  87. thanks @lauraglu @mwearhouse for a wonderful dinner! 80s + deduction + teammate @tobiasblue = Trivial Pursuit Master ed. win.

  88. says @BenWard "premium vinyl ... Pink Floyd's Time kicks in" as @FourBarrel plays PF's Money on vinyl. #synchronicity

  89. uploaded 294 #SXSW 2011 photos and videos: http://flickr.com/tantek/tags/sxsw2011 tag, note, comment away! #goodtimes

  90. says @kfury "...it's going to be huge on college campuses. The question is for how long" <- sounds familiar. #color

  91. Major update to the CSS3 Flexbox Module: http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-flexbox/ please review, feedback to www-style list.

  92. Congrats to all at Mozilla on the launch of @Firefox 4! Watch live downloads worldwide: http://glow.mozilla.org/ #fx4

  93. SXSW 2011 was both challenging and restorative. Like it undid years of damage. Feeling a lot more myself, and comfortably so.

  94. thanks @kh @rk for the ride to Four Barrel - SF-re-acclimation complete. next: bus home, drop bags, bike to brunch, climbing.

  95. Wonderful past 24 hours @SXSW. OMD, catching up, answers. One more show (Diplo), then packing up for 8am flight to SF.

  96. New @Falcon permashortlink design: (ttk.me) = citation only, no extra content. explicit http ttk.me URL = more to see.

  97. Plan: 16:30 PressPausePlay #sxsw film at ACC/Vimeo theater: http://plancast.com/p/4il8

  98. Last Austin day. Plan: 13:30 Frank's coffee, Austin Java breakfast tacos. Still @SXSW and want to join? dm/im me.

  99. watched my 1st film of #sxsw: "Something Ventured" - excellent. Go request it on Netflix.com so they'll carry it.

  100. #SXSW Music has been a blast. Visited the Trade Show. The @NewRiders booth has completely sold out of @HTML5Now!

  101. #sxsw #browserwars Q #! URLs breaking the web. #HTML5 pushState supported by all but IE, when will IE support it?

  102. #SXSW @HTML5Now book signing all done! Signed a few extras, get one at ACC Level 4 Book Store across Ballroom D.

  103. #SXSW 11:10am *soon* @HTML5Now book signing, ACC Level 4 Book Store across Ballroom D: http://plancast.com/p/4evr

  104. Plan: #futuremf Q&A at Shakespeare's http://plancast.com/p/3wul , 20x2 v11 http://plancast.com/p/3nv9 , food.

  105. #sxsw #futuremf CORRECTION: 34% (not 43%) web developers use microformats (2010 WD survey) thanks @randyhoyt. Updated @microformats wiki pages accordingly.

  106. Great @microformats session with @benward @phae @ptarjan, from audience @kevinmarks @chrismessina #futuremf #sxsw

  107. #sxsw 3:30pm Future of Microformats @phae @benward @ptarjan @t Hilton 6th fl Salon F/G http://plancast.com/p/3q33

  108. at Etsy party, making an @T button with @skinny's super-crafty assistance to go with my jacket. photos to follow.

  109. recharging everything at the TRON Lounge ACC 10c. A few free TRON frisbees left! http://flic.kr/p/9pMsKT photos: http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5051/5520003601_90e505b796.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5257/5519989069_95fe236347.jpg flickr.com/tantek/tags/TRONLounge

  110. gmail unknown activity warning rr.com IP:97-77-180-23, changed password. Gtalk sniffing @SXSW? If you use Adium: After you change your gmail password, from the "Adium" menu, choose "Preferences...", choose "Accounts" tab at top, double-click your gtalk account in the list, choose "Options" tab at the top, check the "[x] Require SSL/TLS checkbox", Click "OK", close the "Preferences" window, change your status to "Offline" and then back to "Available". Thanks to @fatbusinessman for the Adium Gtalk SSL option tip.

  111. Twitter searches (e.g. #fsw) consistently failing @SXSW demonstrating flaw of depending on a single site/service.

  112. #fsw Q+A: called out Wave and Open Social protocol/format efforts for being too big/overdesigned in first drafts.

  113. Dear friends: stop using "bit.ly" (j.mp instead). Cannot trust ".ly" (Libya) URLs. cc: @blaine @timoreilly More: @github (in particular for default service hook notifications) @CSScommits @klout @pistachio @marcedavis @boltpeters @kwerb @withings @sgalineau @uxfeeds @veronica

  114. #fsw @KevinMarks says nearly everyone supports XFN rel=me: http://ufs.cc/w/rel-me user-centric identity curation.

  115. Up early for Federating the Social Web plancast.com/p/44xu and Decentralized Web Identity, trekking to the Hyatt.

  116. Happy Birthday @tessa! May you have many many more.

  117. survived another year around the sun. thanks for birthday wishes! Join me @ Big Bang Bordello http://plancast.com/p/3i2q

  118. SXSW: How Not To Be #dbag, BattleDecks, grilled cheese + tomato basil soup, Why We (Still) Have A Digital Divide.

  119. breakfast with @kevinmarks @kellan @wordridden @adactio @blaine @maureen @paulmison http://flic.kr/p/9pAeP5 pic: farm6.static.flickr.com/5052/5517813822_ebf39478c5.jpg

  120. great catching up, meeting new friends tonight, yet my thoughts are with everyone in Japan and surrounding areas.

  121. via @avantgame: 6 sec of "pro-social" touch (a hug, holding hands) releases oxytocin and you connect. citations: shrinkyourself.com/blog_item.asp?i=-140 "A hug that lasts six seconds or more triggers the release of a hormone called oxytocin." and related: independent.co.uk/news/science/mum-was-right-you-will-feel-a-whole-lot-better-after-a-cuddle-501813.html and npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=128795325 "In addition to calming us down and reducing our stress response, a friendly touch also increases release of the oxytocin ..."

  122. realizing the "tagging" nature of lists, resultant harshness of "not-at-sxsw", renaming to "missing-you-at-sxsw".

  123. Dear friends not @SXSW, I may add you to a not-at-sxsw list, unfollow for now. promise will still love you after.

  124. Dear @eventbrite: for SXSW events, email reminders 2 *hours* in advance, not 2 *days*. otherwise it's just noise.

  125. last min SXSW office hours: 9:30-11am @ Jo's on 2nd: http://plancast.com/p/4chk wearing Firefox tshirt, LEGO bag.

  126. nice. @evanpro @caseorganic are organizing a SXSW #indieweb meetup Friday afternoon. @evanpro, post to planca.st?

  127. Good morning Austin! Who wants to grab breakfast? #SXSW

  128. Austin 10-day weather kissing 80s http://j.mp/aus80s, 1 day iso t-storms. packing light jacket + umbrella. link: http://www.weather.com/outlook/recreation/outdoors/tenday/USTX0057

  129. prep for SXSW twitsplit: Going? Start bio with "SXSW", move non-goers to a list. Not going? Move SXSWers to list.

  130. brainstormed with @benward @phae on 2d+time friends+events UI: Adjustment Bureau notebook + Tufte Napoleon march.

  131. 2005 Avon.com 40k reps get hCards (still there!). 2011 Avonromance.com uses pink rotated microformats logo. via: @briansuda. Example Avon Representative with hCard, found by clicking "Find a representative" on Avon.com and entering 94107: gespinalaguerre.avonrepresentative.com/contact.html

  132. OH: "Can we just say that again? That redundancy is not a problem." @CSSWG f2f #css21 #nerdhumor.

  133. set-up Virgin Mobile MiFi http://ttk.me/i/a/BYvmiL on SF-MV train. posting while waiting for a sandwich. #future.

  134. nephews and sister surprise visit, barely held it together. Haven't seen ~1.5 mo. http://flic.kr/p/9oF7ne photo: http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5056/5507447839_08eafab975.jpg

  135. OH: "We were expecting a fix for Gecko?" "Give me 15 seconds." @CSSWG #CSS3.

  136. .@CSSWG f2f: proposed to @glazou that we make Selectors a living spec (no version#) with him as editor for life: http://dev.w3.org/csswg/selectors3/

  137. Welcome @edwardjolmos! Thanks for inspiring with Blade Runner, Stand And Deliver (dad is math prof), BSG. links: tantek.com/asin/B000K15VSA tantek.com/asin/B003NF97NK tantek.com/asin/B0036EH3UC

  138. Dear @eventbrite: please hide/dim "My Tickets" "Recommended Events" that are "Sold Out" w/o waitlist. (+1 @tessa)

  139. SXSW Tip: login @eventbrite, go http://eventbrite.com/mytickets#recommended_events_sec, click "Show all events".

  140. woke up at 04:45 PST. not deliberate SXSW "pretrain your circadian rhythms" per http://tantek.com/b/4Aa1 #anxious

  141. enjoyed The Adjustment Bureau last night despite 10 minute audio-fail/rewind delay. #adjusted #meta #makeyourfate

  142. Happy 64th day of the year! 6-bit day? Or perhaps a day for chess (and checkers?) ...post-movie rain = taxi home.

  143. Honored to serve on the Open Web Foundation board. The Legal Drafting Committee have done excellent work. #owfa1

  144. SXSW 101 and Additional Tips

    Beyond what to pack for SXSW, there are quite a few things to keep in mind, as SXSW is a conference unlike any other.

    Tessa Horehled (who sparks too many good ideas), a Senior Strategist at Engauge, posted an excellent SXSW 101 – A Guide For N00bs yesterday:

    In particular

    Here are a few of Tessa's tips I want to specifically call out (with commentary)

    • Austin weather is usually HOT but can be very RAINY (and COLD). Bring layers and pack water resistant items accordingly. At a minimum: walkable boots and a small umbrella.
    • Sunscreen / sunblock - pack it, bring it. No one likes (having a) lobster-face.
    • RSVP for everything and assume you'll make nothing. So true, best laid plans and all that. Instead, team up with a few friends (mix new and familiar) each night and hit-up what looks like the best option at any given time. No matter what, you'll at least be hanging out together and getting to know each other better.
    • Sites to get on and check out in advance:
    • Breakfast events are less crazy - two words: breakfast tacos. some of my best memories from SXSW are from spontaneous/serendipitous brunch meetups.
    • Carry energy bars, dried fruit, trail mix - whatever healthy snacks you can dip into whenever you feel hunger coming on. Keep your blood glucose even. Avoid spiking it (and inevitably crashing) with anything with corn-syrup or high in sugar / processed "foods", and you'll be happier and more alert throughout the day.
    • Pick sessions based on who you want to see more than the what - particularly challenging as none of the above tools show events by speaker.
    • Arrive early for sessions you really want to get into - popular sessions are standing room only by the time they start. plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early.
    • Consistent clear profile photos. Make sure your Twitter, Facebook, etc. profiles have a consistent, clear photo of your face. I need to get on this. Ditch the 8-bit avatars, cartoons, pets, babies, QR codes. They're not that clever, really they're not. You and everyone else are going to meet tons of new people, and if you want a chance of them remembering you and connecting, look the same online as you do in person.


    There were only a few tips for which I have alternate suggestions:

    • Bring Moo mini-cards, not normal business cards. Seasoned SXSWers frown upon anything traditionally business-like: suits, ties, sales pitches, and business cards. Leave your business cards at home and order Moo mini-cards instead:
      • front: simple design with your name, personal URL, Twitter, maybe Flickr, and of course a clear photo of your face per previous tip.
      • back: a variety of photos from your Flickr that reflect your personality.
      • delivered to directly your hotel. too late to ship home.
    • Speed-walk instead of pedi-cab. I'm not a fan of the pedi-cabs. They're great in concept but my experience(s) have left something to be desired. Due to frequent traffic jams, they're not that much faster than speed-walking or jogging, and quite expensive. Instead, between now and next Friday, practice speed-walking everywhere you go, and if you're up for it, jog/run 1-2 miles a day. It will make a difference. Exception: 10+ blocks are worth pedi-cabbing it.
    • Carry a rechargeable USB battery instead of phone charger. Everyone has a smart phone that dies in the evening, and rushes to use the scarce outlets in bars/restaurants. Don't expect to plug-in when you're out. Get a rechargeable USB battery pack like the Trent Super-pack IMP500 5000mAh External Battery and use it to recharge your iPhone/BlackBerry/Android on the go.


    All her good suggestions sparked a few more in my head:

    • Sharpie your name + URL + twitter on your stuff. Use an ultra fine Sharpie pen (if you want to stand out pick a signature color from this 24-pack of 80's glam colored sharpie markers) to write your name, URL, handle on all your gadgets, cables, extension cords, power supplies etc. In all the hustle and bustle that is SXSW you might easily forget something somewhere, or drop something. By clearly visibly labeling your stuff you make it easier for/to:
      • someone to return your lost stuff
      • people to say hi and remember your name in sessions
      • conduct your own honesty experiment, deliberately "forgetting" stuff to see who returns it
    • Recharge everything at night. Before taking your clothes off, empty your pockets of devices and plug everything in:
      • phone(s)
      • camera battery
      • USB battery
      • laptop
      • iPod
      I know it sounds obvious, but it's easy to forget when you return exhausted to your bed. Practice this every night before you head to SXSW next week. Making it a nightly habit will lower the cognitive load of remembering.
    • Carry a small laptop power adapter and a couple of USB cables with you so that if you do end up away from your base of operations for the night, you can at least recharge your laptop, USB battery, and phone by connecting them all together.
    • Carry a water bottle with you. You will dehydrate quickly in the warm weather outside / air-conditioning inside, and from all the speed-walking across town. Stay hydrated and you'll be happier and last longer.
    • Start days with breakfast tacos and coffee. Nothing like a solid dose of protein (eggs) and caffeine to get into gear. Breakfast might be your only proper big solid meal of the day, so make it count.

    I hope you find Tessa's SXSW 101 intro and these additional tips useful in your SXSW adventures.

    Have awesome SXSW tips of your own to share? Tweet them out and cc: @tessa @t. I'll watch for them and add/attribute the best ones.

  145. my 1st Dribbble http://drbl.in/Tzw, "liked" by none other than The Creator himself. I'm so not worthy. longlink: http://dribbble.com/shots/123002-2011-061-Falcon-blog-links-embeds

  146. TRON: Uprising animated prequel to @TRONLegacy in 2012! Miniseries starts this fall: http://j.mp/tronup Trailer: http://youtu.be/THcItXSnngA longlink: http://www.ugo.com/tv/tron-uprising-first-look-trailer

  147. says @edrabbit "It's all about the onebit avatars now" I have a list http://twitter.com/t/black-and-white/members

  148. Dear @Amazon: instead of 404-ing a product id, redirect to new id. E.g. B002WCUTEQ to B003S0TXOS. thanks @jsonp: http://twitter.com/jsonp/status/43346632074473472

  149. all your 8bit avatars sadly remind me of Eternal Sunshine memory loss, when faces and things go literally blank: http://youtu.be/dZIHQ92csvM

  150. says @CraigGrannell "hard to compile [an iPad 3] wish-list" Easy: Retina display, untethered, self-hosted coding.